Major Teaching Project Proposal

Proposal Components

You will be required to submit the following information for your form to be processed completely:

  1. Name(s)
  2. Position(s): Faculty, Staff, Graduate Student, Undergraduate Student
  3. Department(s)
  4. Project Title
  5. Course, department, other groups affected
  6. Project start date
  7. Project end date
  8. Number of students affected by project each academic year
  9. Fund requested (maximum $3,000)

Innovation Description

Please describe the key components of your teaching and learning activity by addressing the items below. Please avoid discipline-specific language. People outside of your field will be reviewing your proposal. Prior to submission, develop your ideas in a Word document before importing your responses to Qualtrics. We encourage you to discuss your project idea with either the CTE Senate committee chair or the director of the Center for Teaching Excellence.

  1. Describe the key elements of the project to be funded.
  2. Explain how the project will improve student learning and how you will know (What data will you will collect? How it will it be analyzed? What criteria will you use to identify learning improvement in students’ learning? What do existing literature, anecdotal evidence, and/or pilot study results suggest about the possible impact of the project on student learning?).
  3. Describe the innovative features of the project and why it is innovative. Provide supportive evidence (e.g., literature citations, experiences, local data, pilot results).
  4. Describe how the project aligns with department and/or university goals.
  5. If applicable, list and describe any additional pertinent information for reviewer consideration.

Implementation Plan & Budget

  1. Describe the timeline for carrying out the project, personnel involved, and their roles.
  2. Provide a detailed budget and justification. Preference is given to projects with partial financial support from units other than CTE. Proposals that include line items such as instructional materials, speaker travel, student workers, expenses for events and workshops, and conference travel are given preference. We discourage including faculty salary in your budget. We do not grant computer hardware requests.
Note: When salary requests are critical to the success of the project, be sure to include fringe benefit dollars in the total if Miami salary is included in the budget (refer to “Personnel” under “Data for budgets” in Salary requests require an additional justification describing why the proposed project is beyond regular curriculum development/course improvement responsibilities of faculty.


  1. Chair Letter
  2. Department Chair: Please write a letter that answers these questions:
    1. What are the merits of the proposal?
    2. How will the project help your unit to better meet its goals and those of the department and/or university?
    3. How is your unit supporting the project (financially and/or collegially)?
    4. If the proposal is requesting salary, please describe how the proposed project is beyond regular curriculum development/course improvement responsibilities of the faculty member.
  3. Support Materials
  4. Attach any documents that provide support for the proposed project. Only materials referenced in the Innovation Description, Implementation Plan, or Budget will be reviewed. As such, clearly label support materials and references to them.

Evaluation Criteria

Projects meeting these criteria will be recommended:

  • Project goals and activities are clearly articulated and aligned
  • Demonstrates potential for improving student learning
  • Provides clear means of documenting evidence of student learning
  • Innovative
  • Aligned with department/university needs
  • Logical timeline
  • Budget aligned with activity
  • Supportive chair letter

Quick Facts

Maximum Grant Amount

The maximum for each grant is $3,000.


Please submit a completed proposal form


October 15 and March 15