Student Perspectives on Grading Fairness

Faculty think of themselves as fair, and they generally want students to share that belief. But faculty also sometimes that do things that students see as unfair, often because faculty don't realize how their action will come across to students.

In this session, we have invited a student panel to share with us student views around grading fairness. In the session we will:

- provide some scenarios from a research study and ask students and faculty if they agree with the students in the study about whether these are fair/unfair

- provide questionnaire items about quizzes and ask which of these students and faculty think are important components of fairness

- provide concerns about grading on essays and problems and ask students and faculty about whether these are legitimate complaints

We hope this session creates a conversation that will lead to greater mutual understanding about fairness in grading practices.

Presented by Karly Danos and Courtney Bernard.

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