Chair's Message

Amity NoltemeyerThank you for your interest in our programs of study in Educational Psychology, School Psychology, Special Education, and Instructional Design and Technology. These departmental disciplines provide an integrated perspective on psychological and educational issues, exceptionality/disability studies, and technological issues in learning and instructional design. Our faculty provide rich academic and supportive experiences to facilitate student development of important skill sets.

The department offers one Bachelor’s degree licensure program in Special Education, four Master’s degree programs in Educational Psychology, Special Education, Instructional Design, and School Psychology, and an Education Specialist program in School Psychology. The Educational Psychology Masters is also available as a 4 + 1 program, in cooperation with the Department of Family Science and Social Work. In addition, Certificate Programs of 12 hours are offered in Assessment and Evaluation, Instructional Design and Educational Technology, and Quantitative Data Analysis. A partnership program in special education with Bermuda College in Bermuda is also available to graduate students. In addition to this partnership, faculty maintain strong connections to Ohio schools and agencies that serve youth and families for psychological and educational services.

A limited number of graduate teaching and research assistantships are available each year for graduate students. Applications for consideration to receive an assistantship for the following fall must be received by February 1 of each year. Application deadlines for each graduate program are varied so please review the specific program information for those dates.

If you have questions about our programs or admission requirements, please email us or call 513-529-6621.


Dr. Amity Noltemeyer
Professor/ Chair
Department of Educational Psychology