Katherine Kuvalanka

Katherine KuvalankaAssociate Professor

McGuffey 101F

Ph.D, University of Maryland
M.S., University of Maryland
B.A., Clark University

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Custody Battles over Transgender Children - with Katherine Kuvalanka

In this podcast episode, we learn about a serious issue facing transgender children and their families, who are involved in custody battles across the family court system. And why this is an issue that stresses the need for more awareness and understanding today.

How to Help Transgender Children Thrive

Today, many transgender issues are gaining more attention, but this awareness has not yet resolved many of the complexities and challenges that so many of these individuals face. But in this podcast episode, we’ll learn about how new research is starting to help parents, families, and community members better understand how to help children who identify as being trans and gender non-conforming live emotionally healthier and happier lives.