Lana Kay Rosenberg

Lana Kay RosenbergAssociate Professor

106E Phillips Hall

M.Ed., Miami University
B.Ed., San Jose State

Curriculum Vitae


Scholarly Focus

My research has shifted a bit the last 5 years from merging elements of Brazilian culture and music, perception of women and how these elements collide and compliment women’s; issues in the US to empowering students to draw movement ideas from themselves. The stimulation for the movement is organic and true, not imposed on them from the outside.

Many Miami students come from backgrounds where many decisions are made for them. Empowering them to make personal choices has been very frightening for some and positively life altering for others. This movement is then manipulated by me and structured to fit within the framework of the choreographic theme. The dancers are able to physically, viscerally, and visually experience the power of having their personal expression utilized in the dance.

Examples of personal research in 2016

Premiered April 25-16 in Hall Auditorium, Miami University. As We Are, originally choreographed by Hannah Copeland in 2009, was restaged in Hannah’s memory. Hannah was a former Dance Theatre member who died in 2015. Using the original music by Ryan Adams, I restaged the dance, making necessary choreographic changes and selecting new costumes. 9 minutes

Presented in Belo Horizonte, Brazil June 22, 2016 Deart Friend Sister with a live improvised score by Uakti, a Brazilian percussion group who also records in the US. Performed in the Teatro Uno, I both choreographed and performed the dance based on my deep friendship with Myriam Mariani who calls me her dear friend sister (dear FS). 7 minutes

Premiered December 3-4 in Wilks Theater, Armstrong Student Center, Miami University. Memories, with music by Brazilian composer Egberto Gismonti, explored personal moments in the life of each of the seven dancers and then merged the movement to relate to the theme, especially the visceral elements. 12.5 minutes