Undergraduate TESOL Endorsement Certificate

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Undergraduate Endorsement provides undergraduate teacher licensure candidates the knowledge, skills, and experiences that will prepare them to meet the challenges of English language learners in their classrooms.The TESOL endorsement consists of a three-course focus sequence, a linguistics course, and a field-based teaching practicum experience with English learners in the schools. Open to all teacher licensure majors.

To declare the TESOL endorsement, please complete the Undergraduate TESOL Endorsement Declaration Form.

Undergraduate TESOL Endorsement Program of Study

Required Courses Prerequisites Hrs. Semesters Offered
EDT 221 TESOL in PK-12: Sociocultural Contexts & Policy None 3


EDT 454/554 TESOL in PK-12: Instructional Theory & Practice None 3
EDT 425 TESOL in PK-12: English Literacy Development EDT 221 or EDT 454 3

EDT 418 TESOL in PK-12 Teaching Practicum

EDT 454 and one other required TESOL or Linguistics/French Pronunciation course

Corequisite: EDT 419



Important information:
  • An endorsement can only be attached to an active teaching license. Only students in Teacher Education or Special Education may be admitted to the undergraduate TESOL endorsement.
  • Application for the endorsement to be attached to a current license must be submitted concurrently with the application for a teaching license (at or shortly after graduation).
  • The Ohio Assessment for Educators #021 (English to Speakers of Other Languages) must be passed before the state will add the endorsement to the teaching license.