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Program Description

The Master of Education program in the Department of Educational Psychology is a 30-hour degree program in which students complete 18 hours of core courses and another 12 credits of a chosen concentration area. Concentrations include human development and family studies, learning sciences, and research methods, data analysis and psychometrics. There are elective course options within each concentration area. 

The program culminates with the completion of a research project. Students will study a problem that is relevant to their areas of interest. They will take courses designed to help define, create, critique, and complete the project. Students will collect data, conduct analyses, and write a research paper. Students will then present their work to a committee for approval.

Course of Study

All of the core coursework for the master’s degree is offered on the Oxford campus throughout the year. However, some of these courses are also offered at Miami's Voice of America Learning Center (VOALC) and online. Students who enroll full-time may complete their 30-hour degree program in 18-24 months. Part-time students typically complete the degree in two to three years. About 60% percent of our students are part-time.

4 + 1

Miami University Family Science or Psychology majors may be eligible for a Combined BS/M.Ed. 4+1 Program, in which undergraduate Juniors apply for the program and take up to 12 credits of the graduate program during their Senior year. The combined program is also available to select minors as well. Visit their website for application and additional information.noshow

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