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Sport Psychology

Miami's Master of Science in Sport Leadership and Management has a long tradition and emphasis in sport psychology and the preparation of mental performance practitioners. Students earning this Master's degree have the flexibility in designing their plan of study and practical experiences to meet a variety of career aspirations in the field of sport psychology. Miami's program is well known nationally and internationally because of the faculty and alumni working in sport psychology.

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Graduates from Miami University are employed as mental performance consultants, sport coaches, university professors, and sport leaders throughout the sport industry.

From professional sport teams to collegiate athletic departments to the military, Miami graduates are highly sought after to work in national and international organizations such as IMG Academy, First Tee, U.S. Air Force, Olympic teams, New York Yankees, New Jersey Devils, Memphis Grizzlies, and Austin FC.

Nationally Recognized Alumni

Our alumni are nationally recognized researchers, coaches, mental performance consultants, and leaders in their field.

Liz Beaubrook, Director of Human Performance and Cognitive Performance Specialist, Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX

My Master's degree from Miami was an integral part in feeling prepared to step into the field as an applied practitioner. At Miami, you learn from some of the best in the field of sport and performance psychology and are continuously challenged to find innovative ways to apply research-backed strategies to performance enhancement. When I began working for the military in 2015, I knew I had a rock solid foundation on which to build my career-- and that's thanks to my time spent at Miami.

Dr. Hillary Cauthen, PsyD, CMPC, Director of Organizational Wellness and Performance with Austin FC

My time at Miami University was an integral part of my philosophical framework.  I learned key theoretical frameworks, but more importantly, I learned to believe in myself and my future.  My experience at Miami University allowed me to utilize a theory-to-practice framework and continue to be a creative, passionate professional. I carry many key lessons into my work with individuals and organizations. I'm very grateful for my training and the continued support I feel from the Miami community.

Dr. Christopher Hill, Associate Professor in the Kinesiology Department at California State University, San Bernardino

The Sport Leadership M.S. degree is great at preparing students for future careers in higher education.  I learned to be a better student and a better researcher through my experience in the classroom, lab settings, and in my research experiences.  I left the program feeling very prepared for my future Ph.D. studies. The lessons that I learned at Miami, I still use in my research and teaching as an Assistant Professor.

Steve Cohen, M.S., R2 Performance Expert at Fort Campbell, KY

My experience at Miami University set me up for success with a career in the field of applied sport psychology consulting. At Miami, I was given a significant number of opportunities to provide mental skills training directly to athletes and coaches. These experiences, as well as the feedback I received from my professors, allowed me to sharpen my skills in becoming an effective consultant. I learned how to develop a mental training plan based on the population I was working with and the end state we were working on achieving while effectively building rapport. My work in the military challenges me every day to critically think about how to best meet the intent of the clients I'm working with while applying the knowledge I learned during my time studying at Miami.

Sport Psychology Program Coursework

For those interested, students can fulfill coursework requirements and begin supervised hours toward certification as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC).


Required Research Foundation Courses - 6 Credit Hours
Course Credit Hours
SLM 621 Research Foundations in Sport Leadership and Management 3
Research Methods course - (Quantitative or Qualitative Options) 3


Required Core Courses - 12 Credit Hours
Course Credit Hours
SLM 632 Psychological Foundations of Sport 3
SLM 633 Psychological Interventions in Sport 3
SLM 634 Social Psychology of Sport 3
SLM 673 Developmental Perspectives on Youth Sport Participation 3
SLM 676 Cultural Studies of Sport 3


Elective Options - 12 Credit Hours
Example Courses Credit Hours
SLM 553F Counseling Theories and Practice 3
SLM 553Z Ethics in Sport Psychology 3
SLM 553S Diversity and Cultural Awareness in Counseling 3
KNH 583 Advanced Motor Control and Learning 3
KNH 654 Physical Activity Motivation 3
SLM 575 Women, Gender Relations, and Sport 3
SLM 545 E-Sports Performance Psychology and Coaching 3
SLM 600 Independent Reading 3
SLM 620 Research Problems 3
SLM 640 Internship 3
PSY 630 Seminar in Social Psychology 3


Thesis Option - 6 Credit Hours
Elective Options Credit Hours
SLM 700 Thesis Research 1 - 12


Sport Psychology Graduate Certificate

Students can also work towards the Sport Psychology Graduate Certificate, which focuses on the study of psychological and social factors that influence sport and physical activity participation. 

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Sport Leadership and Management

This program prepares students to succeed in leadership positions in the sport industry (recreational to professional, youth to adult) by providing them with knowledge and skills to critically analyze and innovatively engage in the business and culture of sport.

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