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On-Campus Interviewing Calendar

Fall 2022

August 22: Classes Begin
September 5: Labor Day Holiday
September 20: Fall Career & Internship Fair (in person at Millett)
September 21:  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) Fair (in person at Millett)
September 21:  Next-day Interviews (in person at Millett)
September 22: Interviews - STEM Fair Participants ONLY (ASC)
September 23:  Hybrid Interviews Begin (Career Center - ASC)
September 28:  All Majors Virtual Fair
October 7: Fall Break
November 24-27: Thanksgiving Break
November 28:  No Interviews
December 1: Hybrid Interviews End (Classes End December 2)
December 9: December Commencement Ceremony

Spring 2022

January 17: Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
January 24: Classes begin
January 24: Hybrid Interviews Begin
February 15: Accounting, Finance and Consulting Fair 
February 16: On-campus Interviewing reserved for employers attending the Accounting, Finance and Consulting Fair
February 16: Analytics, Information and Technology Fair
February 17: On-campus Interviewing reserved for employers attending the Analytics, Information and Technology Fair
February 17: Engineering Fair
February 18: On-campus Interviewing reserved for employers attending the Engineering Fair
February 18: Virtual Health and Science Fair
February 19: On-campus Interviewing reserved for employers attending the Virtual Health and Science Fair
February 22: Sales, Management and Logistics Fair
February 23: On-campus Interviewing reserved for employers attending the Sales, Management and Logistics Fair
February 23: Architecture and Design Fair
February 24: On-campus Interviewing reserved for employers attending the Architecture and Design Fair
March 2: Virtual Architecture and Design Fair
March 9: Helping Professions Fair
March 10: On-campus Interviewing reserved for employers attending the Helping Professions Fair
March 10: Virtual Careers for the Common Good Fair
March 21 – 27: Spring Break
March 30: Teacher Job Fair
April 5: Virtual PR, Advertising and Media Fair
April 12: Virtual Emerging Technology, Information and Analytics Fair

May 5: Virtual Interviews Ends / Classes End Sat., May 7
May 14 – 15: Spring Commencement

Recruiting Guidelines

The Center for Career Exploration & Success is committed to diversity, equity and inclusivity in all recruiting and to ensuring equal access to all students. We welcome a wide range of recruiters for campus recruiting and are committed to ensuring open and equitable access to the full range of opportunities for all undergraduate and graduate students.

All employment professionals participating in campus recruiting must abide by a framework of professional accepted recruiting, interviewing, selection and offer practices as specified in Miami University’s Non-Discrimination Policy, NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice, and United States Department of Labor FLSA Guidelines.


Recruiter - All employers seeking to recruit at Miami (Recruiters) must have a verifiable business name, physical location and address, professional/work email address, phone number and the name of a contact person who can be reached at the listed address(es). U.S. and foreign based businesses verified by the U.S. Department of State are eligible to recruit if these requirements are met.

Campus Recruiting - on-campus interviewing, resume referrals, Handshake postings, employer presentations, meetings and chats coordinated through the Center or sponsorships for on-campus activities.

Requirements for Recruiting at Miami University

  • Must comply with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws established by the Federal, applicable state governments, and Miami University.
  • All on-campus interviews must be conducted in the Center for Career Exploration and Success’ facilities (except next day interviews associated with career fairs).
  • Must have current or anticipated job openings for college graduates or interns.
    • For current students, employers must have and interview to fill openings in positions which result in an "employer-employee" relationship requiring the employer’s issuance of a W-2 for all remuneration paid and impose no required fees, (other than professional licensure fees for career employees) on the employee.
    • 1099 or independent contractor positions are eligible only for posting on Handshake and must include the following disclaimer in the posting: "This is a 1099 position. Persons paid on a 1099 basis are independent contractors and are self-employed. Independent contractors (you) are required to pay out of your remuneration all self-employment taxes (Social Security & Medicare), income taxes, worker's disability compensation and health or other insurances. These will NOT be withheld or paid by the client for which you working. Independent contractors generally do not receive employment benefits from the client or person for which they are working. For more information please refer to or talk with a tax professional."
    • 1099 independent contractor recruiting is not permitted at Career Fairs nor eligible for On-Campus Interviews.
    • The University does not accept postings from or permit campus recruiting by third-party recruiters that charge a fee to the student or do not disclose their client’s name and franchise opportunity providers.
    • The following organizations are not eligible to use CCES services:
      • Organizations involved in the production and/or promotion of marijuana
      • Adult entertainment industry escort services, presentation modeling or similar activity
      • Network Marketing Organizations

Recruitment Activities and Practices

  • All opportunities must be for full time, internship, or cooperative education and require a college degree or active student status/pursuing degree, unless permitted elsewhere in this policy.
  • Alcohol may not be included or associated with any recruiting activities involving Miami students
  • All activities (e.g. events, information sessions) must adhere to Miami University standards and utilize associated services (e.g. catering), when required.
  • No events or activities are permitted in private residence or hotel rooms and should be conducted in publicly accessible areas, such as restaurants, meeting rooms, or classrooms.

Job Postings

Handshake is the portal through which Miami University students and alumni seeking employment can connect to employers with employment opportunities. Use of Handshake is strictly limited to career-related activities; under no circumstances is the information submitted by students, alumni, and employers to be used for any purpose other than job/applicant seeking activities. Violation of this exclusive use policy will result in removal from the system.

Users should notify the Center immediately of any inappropriate use of Handshake, facilities, or University resources. All users shall respect the privacy rights of other users consistent with applicable law, policies, and professional standards.

The Center reserves the right to deny a company posting and campus recruiting for false or misleading actions, incomplete information, and/or are unable to demonstrate that they provide a bona fide internship experience for students at a level consistent with University expectations.

Miami University Offer/Acceptance Guidelines

In order to give students enough time to make an informed and thoughtful decision(s), and in accordance with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers recruiting at Miami University are expected to adhere to the following timelines for all job and internship offers.

  • Converting Internships to full-time positions – Offer to remain open until October 15 or 3 weeks from receipt of written offer, whichever is longer.
  • Full-time or Internship offers during Fall Recruiting – Offer to remain open until October 31 or 3 weeks from receipt of written offer, whichever is longer.
  • Full-time or Internship offers during Spring Recruiting – Offer to remain open until February 28 or 3 weeks from receipt of written offer, whichever is longer.

In some cases, students may request for extensions beyond these deadlines; we ask that organizations accommodate these requests, if possible. We recommend that all employers extend offers in writing and strongly encourage all students to accept or decline in writing.

Miami University does not allow the use of exploding offers. An “exploding offer” is one that requires a decision in conflict with the timing mentioned above or offers incentives to induce students to accept offers early, such as diminishing bonuses and location preferences.

Rescinded Job Offers

We consider a rescinding a job offer a rare and uncommon occurrence. If an employer must rescind an offer, please contact the student and Center immediately so we may assist the student. Employers who rescind offers may be subject to suspension from recruiting at Miami for one semester or longer. Employers should carefully review the guidelines and follow the NACE recommendations issued in 2002 in their Position Statement on Rescinded and Deferred Employment Offers.

Consequences for Violating Recruiting Policy

The Center for Career Exploration & Success reserves the right to refuse the opportunity to place postings or engage in campus recruiting to employers for actions or conduct the Center deems that harm or have the potential to harm students, alumni, the Center for Career Exploration & Success, and/or University; including, without limitation, the following: dishonesty; discrimination; breach of confidentiality; reneging on established agreements between the Center for Career Exploration & Success and the employer (verbal or written); reneging on a job offer to a student or alumni; fraud; failure to pay for billed services; misrepresentation; harassment of Miami University students, alumni, staff or faculty; failure to adhere to the Center for Career Exploration & Success policies.

Employers hosting a classroom presentation

Host Employer-Sponsored Events

Make stronger student connections by hosting in-person and virtual events. There are lots of ways to build your brand at Miami while also building your talent pipeline. Use Handshake to schedule:

  • Career Panels
  • Virtual Tours
  • Information Sessions

We’re always looking for employers to:

  • Serve on career & alumni panels or as Mock Interviewers 
  • Host student groups on a Career Trek or a student for a day in the life experience via our Job Shadow Program
  • Take over our Social Media 
  • Host Coffee Chats
  • Hold Informations Sessions or Meet Ups