Students Exploring


Many students are undecided about their future career path. Making a decision requires an understanding of personal interests and the exploration of various career pathways. You will have an opportunity to meet with one of the many career advisors trained to assist in the exploration process. You may also participate in a variety of activities associated with any number of career clusters.

Suggested Activities to Help Explore Clusters

  • Take the Discover Your Cluster survey
  • Meet With a Career Advisor
  • Attend one of the events of the Presidential Career and Leadership Series
  • Job Shadowing and Career Treks
  • Career Workshops, Events and Webinars
  • EDL 100: College Career Development Class
  • LinkedIn
  • Miami Alumni Connect

Student Organizations

Student Organizations provide a training ground for exploring career opportunities, building skills, networking and leadership. Explore the Students Exploring Career Cluster Student Organizations

Top Employers Hiring This Cluster

Jobs & Internships

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