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Career Advice for a New World

The Virtual Career Toolkit offers students the opportunity to learn new and bite-sized chunks of career advice and best practices in and for a virtual environment!

Career Chat: The Career Center Podcast

thumbnail of Alisa Roesler's career chat episodeCreativity & Entrepreneurship with Alisa Roesler

00:15 Introductions

01:24 Career Journey

04:11 Advice for Creatives

06:50 Entrepreneurship

09:06 Challenges of Having A Business

11:39 Leadership Skills

14:48 Necessary Employee Skills

17:13 What's Next?

19:02 Goal Setting

21:04 Balance

24:57 Misconceptions for Web Designers

26:32 Closing

thumbnail of Feranmi Motoni's career chat episode Overcoming Challenges and Barriers with Feranmi Motoni

00:15 Introductions

00:55 Career Goals

02:09 Challenges Along the Journey

05:53 Mentors at Miami

08:56 Student Involvement

12:56 Graduate School Journey

20:24 What's Next?

23:23 Advice for Incoming Students

27:08 Closing

thumbnail of Kamilah Dotson's career chat episode Nonprofits & Entrepreneurship with Kamilah Dotson

00:15 Introductions

00:30 Majors/Minors at Miami

00:45 Picking a Major

01:44 Why Non-Profit?

02:18 Post-Grad Job Search

04:01 5-Year Plan

05:30 Closing

thumbnail of Michael Gallo's career chat episode The Early Career Search with Michael Gallo

00:14 Introductions

00:53 Walking Through the 1st Year at Miami

02:07 Career Cluster LLC

03:03 Career Fair Backstage Pass

04:22 Emotions at the Career Fair

06:20 Current Position

08:00 Finding the Opportunity

10:38 What's Next in Your Career Journey?

12:39 When Should You Start Looking for Opportunities?

14:56 What Advice Would You Give to Your 18 Year-Old Self?

thumbnail of Sarah Hale's career chat episode How a Student Org Led to my Internship with Sarah Hale

00:15 Introductions

00:50 Sarah's Most Recent Position

01:50 Goals and Plans

02:36 Getting the Position

03:33 Career Journey

07:20 Biggest Advice

08:30 What's Next?

thumbnail of Sydney Jefferson's career chat episode Creating Spaces and Mentorship with Sydney Jefferson

00:15 Introductions

01:45 Upcoming Plans

02:25 Huntington National Bank Internship

04:48 Career Plans Changing

05:46 Applying DEI to Higher Ed

06:50 Importance of Student Involvement

08:05 Importance of Mentors

09:50 What's Next?

10:45 Advice for Incoming Students