Faculty Excellence Award

The Faculty Excellence in Career Development Award recognizes faculty who actively support the development of the Miami University Career Community. This may occur through:

  • Incorporating career development and career advising into their teaching and student advising
  • Seeking out partnerships with employers
  • Providing information on or engaging with graduate programs
  • Collaborating with the Center for Career Exploration and Success
  • Interacting with others who may provide internship, job or graduate school opportunities for students within his/her academic division or throughout the University
  • Spending a significant portion of their time providing exemplary direct delivery of career development services to undergraduate students

The call for nominations for the Excellence in Career Development Award is issued every year and will be accompanied by a $500 monetary award.

Submissions for 2022-2023 Nominations — Coming Soon

For additional information, email Jen Benz, Assistant VP in the Center for Career Exploration and Success: Jen.Benz@MiamiOH.edu

2020-2021 Award Winners

Kenworthy Berdieva

Congratulations to Dr. Oana Godeanu-Kenworthy & Dr. Dilchoda Berdieva (Global and Intercultural Studies Department) for the Faculty Excellence in Career Development Award!

Their partnership with CCES and their career-focused initiatives for their students throughout the year has been exceptional, and we want to thank them for their continued partnership and support with our office. The award was especially competitive this year with a total of 28 nominees.

Nomination Information


Nominees for this award must be a current member of Miami's faculty. They should also have a significant record of direct delivery of career development services to undergraduates, whether or not it is a part of their job. They must also meet a majority of the following criteria:

  • Developing career-mindedness in students: integrates career development into course offerings and student advising; provides opportunities for students to engage with employers inside or out of the classroom.
  • High quality of information and advice: knowledge of range of career paths available to students within academic division; basic knowledge of internship/job-search skills: resumes, interviewing, cover letter, networking, social media; assistance to students as they develop academic, personal and career goals; knowledge of services provided by the Center for Career Exploration & Success and regular contact with the Center for Career Exploration & Success Liaison; and ability to engage in designing developmentally appropriate career goals for students.
  • Outstanding support of students: demonstration of holistic career advising principles; willingness to act in the student's best career interests; and appropriate employer referral activity.
  • Outstanding support for the Miami University Career Community: understanding of Miami’s talent value proposition to employers; demonstrates a strong commitment to building employer partnerships and developing relationships with executives, recruiters, parents and alumni in different industries; commitment to leveraging employer relationships for the benefit of students’ academic experience and career goals.

Selection Process

The Assistant Vice President of the Center for Career Exploration and Success and selected Career Center staff members will review the nominations. They will then make recommendations to the Interim Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Success, who will make the final selection. 

Past Award Winners

2020–2021 Award Winners

  • Dr. Oana Godeanu-Kenworthy, Associate Teaching Professor, Global and Intercultural Studies
  • Dr. Dilchoda Berdieva, Teaching Assistant Professor, Global and Intercultural Studies

2019–2020 Award Winner

In partnership with the Provost’s office in 2020, the award winner was chosen by a revised and more selective process.

  • Patrick Lindsay - Department of Commerce, College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science

2018–2019 Award Winner

In partnership with the Provost’s office in 2019, award winners were chosen by a revised and more selective process.

  • Dr. P. Renee Baernstein – CAS, Professor, History

2017–18 Award Winners

  • Dr. Leland G. Spencer – Assistant Professor, Interdisc. & Communication Studies
  • Dr. Eun Chong Yang – CAS, Associate Director, English
  • Dr. John A. Bailer – CAS, Professor, Statistics
  • Dr. Nicole K. Pankiewicz – CAS, Assistant Professor, Political Science
  • Ann E. Taulbee – CCA, Director, Art
  • Dr. Jeremy D. Jones – CCA, Associate Professor, Music
  • Clark A. Kelly – CEC, Senior Director, External Relations & Communication
  • Dr. Jessica L. Sparks – CEC, Associate Professor, Chemical, Paper & Biomedical Engineering
  • Dr. Sharon L. Custer – EHS, Director, Family Science & Social Work
  • Dr. Allison Jones-Farmer – FSB, Professor, Business Analytics
  • Dr. Brian J. Ballou – FSB, Professor, Accountancy

2016–17 Award Winners

  • Kimberly Hamlin – CAS, Associate Professor, Global & Intercultural Studies
  • Mark Krekeler – CAS, Associate Professor, Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Mark Lacker – FSB, Altman Clinical Faculty, Institute for Entrepreneurship
  • Nancy Parkinson – EHS, Clinical Faculty, Kinesiology & Health
  • Phil Russo – CAS, Director CPMRA, Political Science
  • Qihou Zhou – CEC, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Saffron Henke – CCA, Assistant Professor, Theatre

2015–16 Award Winners

  • Mr. Craig Hinrichs - CCA, Associate Professor, Architecture and Interior Design
  • Dr. John Bowblis - FSB, Associate Professor, Economics
  • Dr. Jeff Merhout - FSB, Associate Professor, Information Systems and Analytics
  • Dr. Aimin Wang - EHS, Professor, Educational Psychology
  • Ms. Terri Spahr Nelson - EHS, Instructor and Director, Undergraduate Social Work Program
  • Dr. Sam Morris - EHS, Clinical Faculty, Kinesiology and Health
  • Ms. Gretchen Matuszak - EHS, Instructor and Director,Didactic Program in Dietetics
  • Dr. Brian Currie - CAS, Associate Professor, Geology and Environmental Science
  • Dr. Patrick Murphy - CAS, Associate Professor, English
  • Dr. Shashi Lalvani - CEC, Chair, Chemical, Paper and Biomedical Engineering
  • Ms. Louise Morman - CEC, Executive Director, Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute  

2014–15 Award Winners

  • Dr. Tim Cameron - CEC, Chair, Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Bryan Ashenbaum - FSB, Associate Professor, Supply Chain
  • Dr. Josh Schwarz - FSB, Professor, Management
  • Ms. Jennifer Edwards - EHS, Departmental Advisor
  • Dr. Don Ucci - CEC, Professor and Former Chair, Electrical and Computational Engineering
  • Dr. Erik Jensen - CAS, Chair, History
  • Dr. Tim Melley - CAS, Director, Humanities Center
  • Dr. Pepper Stetler - CCA, Assistant Professor, Art History

2013–14 Award Winners

  • Dr. Jim Kiper - CEC, Professor and Chair, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Ms. Julia Guichard - CCA, Associate Professor and Interim Chair, Theatre
  • Dr. Amy Summerville - CAS, Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Dr. Heidi McKee - CAS, Associate Professor, English, Interim Roger and Joyce L. Howe Professor, Director of Professional Writing
  • Mrs. Patricia Troesch - EHS, Instructor, Kinesiology and Health
  • Dr. David Rosenthal - FSB, Professor, Marketing
  • Ms. Jan Taylor - FSB, Senior Lecturer, Marketing