Fair Instructions

To Register

  1. Go to: https://miamioh-jit.vfairs.com/
  2. Select "Register" in the top right navigation
  3. Complete the fields listed, including uploading your resume (save as PDF with the title “FirstName LastName Resume”)
  4. That's it! You will have access to the site when the fair goes “live” at 1pm on May 6

Once the Fair Begins

  1. Go to: https://miamioh-jit.vfairs.com/
  2. Select "Log in" in the top right navigation
  3. Log in with your information
  4. You will see the outside of Armstrong, click anywhere on that page to take you to the “lobby”, which is the seal

What's in the Virtual Fair?

  1. Exhibit Hall - this is where you will see all of the schools attending the virtual fair. 
  2. Lounge - external links for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  3. Auditorium - this will show the recording of the “Virtual Just in Time Career Fair Prep” info session from Monday (May 4)
  4. Video Vault - list of all the videos made available by the employers
  5. Resources - list of all the files made available by the employers or Miami. To download any of these files, add to “swag bag”
  6. Swag Bag - think of this like an online shopping cart, select “email” and that file will be sent to you
  7. Networking - this takes you to the chat rooms and direct messages that you have started
  8. Information Desk - this will be live during the fair for any tech support from vFairs (the vendor and host of this platform)

How to Interact with Employers

  1. Go to the Exhibit Hall
  2. You can find employers two ways: Scroll to the right and left to see each booth OR see the list in the bottom left corner.
  3. Once you have selected a school, you will see what information they have provided (human resource page, description of the school, etc…). Not all booths have the same information. This is dependent on the reps working the virtual booth.
  4. Click on Chat Click on the representatives name (upper right corner under “Booth Reps Online”) to start a DIRECT MESSAGE. WARNING: messages in the general chatroom are public to anyone who goes to that schools’ chatroom. You will want to DIRECT MESSAGE the rep to have a private conversation. Start your direct message with your elevator pitch (name, licensure area, a little bit about yourself) and be sure to include your contact information should you wish to talk with them after the fair.
  5. Once you’re in a direct message, the rep will have an option to do a video conversation.  WARNING: These conversations have a 10 minute time limit. The goal of this fair is to get enough information to schedule a time to interview LATER - not necessarily during this virtual fair. If a rep is in conversation with another student, you will be placed in a “waiting room”. You can be in multiple waiting rooms at once because each chat opens a new window.

Other Reminders

  • Employers are still eagerly hiring! Just like you have been uneasy about the job search, they are uneasy that they do not have their typical in-person fairs to recruit. You are all in the same boat!