Presidential Series

Technology, Innovation & Design Expo

This event has been cancelled in an attempt
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2019 Student Presentations

Kegan Davidson Jake Strickler Ben Coleman Maria Hornsby Oliver Greive Harrison Keefe
Mobile App Mobile App Mobile App Augmented Reality VUI & UX Research Web App
Pickup Instaplant pillowTalk AR Yoga Vinyasa Stoic Insights QuickShift
Help budding guitarists exprss themselves as they move from memorizing their instrument to understanding music as a language. Take photos of plants around your house, give them names, set their location, and receive notifications when you need to water them. Increase communication between partners, both new and familiar. Using augmented reality to enable the safe practice of yoga while keeping the integrity of why people practice yoga — for mindfulness, reflection, and exercise. Address the growing mental health crisis with ancient wisdom and conversational design tools. Schedule contracted employees, send notifications, track performance, track time, and generate payroll reports.