Expenses for hosting individuals are part of ordinary and necessary University business. These expenses cannot be lavish or extravagant and must relate to substantial business discussion (either during, directly before, or directly after the meal).

Miami permits hosting for:

  • Guests who are neither Miami students or employees. Examples include: fund raising events, student recruitment and conference marketing activities, lecturers, job candidates, workshop attendees, consultants.
  • Students who are not student employees. Examples include: volunteering for University-related activities, acknowledgment of academic achievements, student employment training and development, achievement recognition.
  • Employees, including student employees, who work for Miami. Examples include: employee development, training sessions, achievement recognition.

Review the Hosting Policy

Hosting Policy

Review the Hosting section of the University Purchasing Policies to learn about hosting procedures and restrictions.

Access the Hosting Form

Hosting Form

Pay for hosting using P-Card transactions, Buyway requests, or Travel Reimbursements. In each case, include this form.

Need help completing the form? See our guide.

Adhere to IRS Hosting Limits

Meals (Per Person)

Breakfast: $20
Lunch: $40
Dinner: $70


Limited to 20%