University Purchasing Cards (P-Cards) provide departments with real-time access and convenience to conduct small-dollar purchases.

In general, departments should use P-Cards for pre-payment and online purchases, including:

  • Goods under $2,000 (e.g., subscriptions, books, professional dues)
  • Travel expenses (e.g., conference registrations, airline ticket purchases)
  • Hosting expenses (e.g., taking a guest lecturer out to dinner)

All capabilities, limitations, and restrictions are covered in the P-Card section of the Purchasing Policy. 

For assistance with commodity-specific purchases, please reach out to the Office of Strategic Procurement via email at purchasing@miamioh.edu or visit the Strategic Procurement Website.

Access Chrome River

Review, reconcile, and approve through Chrome River.

Dispute charges or view declined transactions through Works.

Bank of America Customer Service: 1-866-449-2273

Bank of America Fraud Services: 1-866-500-8262

Roles and Responsibilities

University employees who handle P-Cards hold one of the following roles:

  • Cardholders use P-Cards to make purchases that will be charged to specific account funds.
  • Delegates reconcile cardholder purchases, charging them to appropriate fund accounts and then recording all documentation for each purchase.
  • Approvers review and approve reconciled P-Card payments.

To become a P-Card Cardholder, Delegate, or Approver, follow these steps:

Review the P-Card Policy

P-Card Policies

Review the P-Card Policy to learn about the P-Card's capabilities, limitations, and restrictions.

Complete P-Card Training

P-Card Training

You must complete P-Card training in order to become a cardholder, reconciler, or approver.

Request a

Cardholder Application

Complete this form to request to be a P-Card cardholder, delegate, or approver. You must complete training first.


  • Missing Receipt Affidavit: Submit this in place of any missing receipts when uploading reconciliation documentation into the easy image uploader.
  • P-Card Increase Request: This form allows you to request a monthly or transaction limit increase for your P-Card.
  • Reimbursing for Personal Purchases: Complete this form when a cardholder accidentally makes a personal purchase/charge using a P-Card. This form help us identify the personal charge so you can pay the University back and reconcile the deposit.