Gift Card Procedure

As stated in the Gift Card Policy, the purchase and use of gift cards or gift certificates is strictly limited to approved business activities. This procedure provides guidance for the application, purchasing methods, tracking, and reporting of Gift Cards.

Submission of the Gift Card Purchase Authorization Request Form

  • The requestor must complete the Gift Card Purchase Authorization Request Form and submit to Accounts Payable prior to purchasing gift cards.
  • Accounts Payable will review the form and the requestor will be notified of approval or denial via email after review is completed.
    • Accounts Payable ($25 per gift card and a total of $100 per event)
    • VP of Finance and Business Services (if request is above $25 per gift card and/or the total is more than $100 per event).
    • The limit of $25 per gift card and $100 total for each event does not apply to Human Research Subject recipients.

Purchasing Gift Cards by University Business Units

  • Methods for Purchasing Gift Cards
    • P-Cards or Departmental P-Cards may be used to purchase Gift Cards.
    • Use of cash advance funds requested via Chrome River.
    • Amazon tile in Buyway for the purchase of Amazon (electronic gift cards for human research subjects or survey participants).
    • On-campus gift cards may only be purchased using a Hosting Document.

Purchasing Gift Cards by Student Organizations

  • Electronic Gift Cards may be purchased directly from Amazon’s website using their student org account (see the procedures in the Student Org Treasurer Training in Canvas).
  • Student Organizations must follow the guidelines of the Student Activities office regarding purchasing gift cards from businesses that sell alcohol and other restricted items.

Security and Tracking of Gift Cards

  • All gift cards must be locked in a secure office space
  • If any gift card(s) is lost or stolen, report it immediately to the Miami University Police Department.
  • A Gift Card Distribution Log of all gift cards and the recipient of the card must be maintained. If a gift card is distributed to an employee of Miami University, the Gift Card Distribution Log must be reported to Payroll Services at
    • If the Gift Cards are electronically distributed, the recipient signature field may be completed as “emailed on xx/xx/xxxx” with the date the electronic Gift Card was sent. 
    • Gift Card Distribution Logs for Human Research should be maintained within the department and be kept available for review upon request. Human Research that requires confidentiality for the Research Subjects can be completed with the following information:
      • Name: “Recipient 1, Recipient 2, etc.”
      • Email: “n/a”
      • Distribution Date: xx/xx/xxxx (use actual distribution date)
      • Amount: $x.xx (use actual amount distributed)
      • Signature: “n/a”
      • Address: “n/a”

Reconciliation of Gift Card Purchases

  • Gift Cards Purchased with P-Card, Departmental P-Card, or Cash Advance
    • Your expense report in Chrome River should include the Who/What/Where/When/Why details in addition to the following supporting documentation as attachments:
      • Approved Gift Card Purchase Authorization Request Form 
      • Gift Card Distribution Log
      • Proof of purchase (i.e. detailed receipt)
  • Gift Cards Purchased via Hosting Document or Buyway
    • Upon distribution of your final gift card, email the following to
      • A copy of your approved Gift Card Purchase Authorization Request Form
      • Completed Distribution Log
      • Proof of Purchase (i.e. detailed receipt)