Setting Up Suppliers

A supplier is any person or company being paid for a good or service. According to the Purchasing Handbook, no individual should enter into a business relationship on behalf of Miami University without prior approval. The Office of Strategic Procurement will review all new company setup requests and any individuals paid over $10,000.

To pay suppliers through Buyway, they first must be set up in the system. No supplier is automatically set up; they are added on an as needed basis. If the supplier is not already in Buyway, please submit a Supplier Setup/Change Request  with the following supporting documentation (based on supplier type).


ACH Direct Deposit
Documentation Based on Type of Supplier
Supplier Type Residency Documents (Required) Documents (Recommended)
Company Domestic


Supplier Diversity Form

ACH Direct Deposit
Company Foreign W-8BEN-E Wire Information
Student/Staff/Faculty Member Any None AP Direct Deposit
Non-Miami Individual Domestic W-9 ACH Direct Deposit
Non-Miami Individual Foreign W-8BEN Wire Information