Miami employees use Chrome River to assist in tracking and paying for travel-related expenses. All expenses that were paid for with a P-Card, cash advance, or out of pocket are recorded and reconciled in Chrome River. 

Ways to Pay

There are three ways to pay for travel expenses. Which method you use will depend on the situation.


You should prepay most travel expenses using a P-Card, when attending business away from your home or primary work location. We discourage the use of personal funds to pay for travel. Learn more about using the P-Card

Cash Advance

Traveler has to complete a Pre-Approval report in Chrome River and specify amount of cash advance. Reconciliation must be completed once trip/expense is completed. Learn more about requesting Cash Advances.


If a traveler pays for approved travel costs out of their own pocket, they can request reimbursement through Chrome River. Review the Travel Policy for details on which types of expenses are reimbursable.

Please note: If your travel is part of a University Workshop, you will most often use a declining balance card, rather than a departmental P-Card. (See the Workshop section below.)

Roles and Responsibilities

University employees seeking to pay for travel hold one of the following roles:

  • Travelers attend to University business away from their primary work location. They make appropriate travel purchases using P-Cards, declining balance cards (for workshops), cash advances, and reimbursed funds. Travelers track their travel and related expenses in Chrome River.
  • Delegates can track travel and expenses, reconcile receipts, and submit funding requests in Chrome River for multiple travelers.
  • Approvers review submitted travel requests based on appropriate budgets, charging them to appropriate fund accounts, and then recording all documentation.

Delegates and Approvers must request access (see "Request Travel Access" below) to the appropriate secure financial systems. All three roles must ensure University travel abides by the appropriate policies.

Review the Travel Policy

Travel Policies

Review the Travel Policy for guidelines and restrictions. You must follow this and any applicable departmental or divisional policy.

Request Travel Access

User Setup and Maintenance form

To set up a non-Miami traveler in Chrome River, complete the Setup and Maintenance Form.

Complete Travel Training

Complete Training

You can learn how to use Chrome River by self-enrolling in this Canvas travel training course.


Planning to lead Workshops that involve travel (e.g., study abroad)? Find everything you need
to know about making purchases for your Workshop here

Student Organization Travel

Student organizations can learn about specific steps they must complete to request cash advances and reimbursements for travel expenses.

ICA Travel with Zelle

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics may request a cash advance via Zelle for athletic-related travel expenses through Chrome River.


Because travel encompasses a wide range of activities, the following resources are available for quick access. For comprehensive information, see the Travel Policy.

  • Travel Portal: Options Travel is Miami's partner in making travel planning and booking more convenient for departments. Partnering with this group allows us to leverage our travel spending with airlines, car rental companies, and hotels to negotiate lower costs.
  • Travel Management Services: Access general information about University travel services.
  • Oanda's Currency Converter Tool: Make currency conversions.
  • Per Diem Rates: Details on meal allowance rates, incidental expenses, and travel times.
  • Find help and instructional guides for using Chrome River.
  • View Accounts Payable's Chrome River Tutorial videos for help with creating your expense reports in Chrome River.

Please note: To pay for travel costs associated with bringing University guests (e.g., speakers, consultants) to campus, follow hosting rules for meal costs. To pay for lodging and transportation, use either a P-Card (when pre-payment is possible) or reimbursement within Chrome River (if the guest initially pays for the cost).