Per Diem Rates

Per diem is an allowance for meals and incidental expenses you incur while traveling for University business. If you use per diem, you forego payment of actual travel expenses, accepting instead the applicable per diem rates (which varies based on your travel location and your travel time). You can receive payment for per diem through both cash advances and reimbursements.

When requesting a Cash Advance for Per Diem, the rates estimated in Chrome River are based on Federal Per Diem Rates at the time the request is made and may change by the time the travel actually takes place.  The IRS sets all Per Diem rates and they are subject to change at any time.  If the actual Per Diem rate at the time of travel is different than when it is requested, only the actual amount set by the IRS for the actual travel dates will be honored.  If the amount is less than when the original request was made, the traveler may be required to reimburse Miami University for the difference. 

We provide common per diem resources below. See the Travel Policy for additional details.

Determining Rates

The following resources allow you to check the per diem rates for your intended travel destinations:

Please note: Miami does not use the lodging rate shown on the sites above.

Meal Allowances

You can receive per diem for meals and incidental expenses. Traveler will receive 75% of meal per diem for first and last day of travel.

Please note: Meals are not eligible for reimbursement unless you travel qualifies as overnight status.