Rule Codes

Rule Codes
Rule Class Rule Class Title Banner Module
ACDC Cancel Addl Charges on Credit Memo A/P
ACDI Cancel Addl Charges on Invoice A/P
ACEC Cancel Addl Chrg on C/M w/ Encumb A/P
ACEI Cancel Addl Chrg on Inv w/Encumb A/P
ACR Banner Alumni - Char Remaindr Trust Alumni
ACS Banner Alumni - Cash Receipt Alumni
ADDC Additional Charges on Credit Memo A/P
ADDI Additional Charges on an Invoice A/P
ADEC Addl Chrg on Credit Memo w/ Encumb A/P
ADEI Addl Charges on Invoice w/Encumb A/P
AEX Banner Alumni - Externally Managed Alumni
AGK Banner Alumni - Gifts-In-Kind Alumni
AIF Banner Alumni - Insurance Policies Alumni
ASE Banner Alumni - Stocks & Securities Alumni
BD01 Permanent Adopted Budget Budget
BD02 Permanent Budget Adjustments Budget
BD03 Temporary Adopted Budget Budget
BD04 Temporary Budget Adjustment Budget
BD91 Error correction of BD01 Budget
BDC Budget - Grants and Contracts Grants
BDG Budget - Multi Yr Accounts Grants
BDM Budget - Multi Year Accounts Grants
CAEC Cancel Check C/M Addl w/Encumb A/P
CAEI Cancel check invoice addl w/encumb A/P
CDDC Cancel Check C/M addl chgs A/P
CDDI Cancel check invoice addl charges A/P
CDEI Cancel Check Invoice disc w/encumb A/P
CHS1 Banner Student Charges/Non-Cash Pay Bursar
CISC Cancel Check - C/M discount A/P
CISI Cancel Check - Invoice discount A/P
CNEC Cancel Check - C/M w encumbrance A/P
CNEI Cancel Check - Invoice w encumbranc A/P
CNEP Cancel Check CY, Invoice w/encum PY A/P
CNNC Cancel check - C/M w/o encumbrance A/P
CNNI Cancel Check - Invoice w/o encumb A/P
COAD Additional Charge on Change Order Purchasing
CODS Discount on Change Order Purchasing
CORD Establish Change Order Purchasing
DCEI Cancel Discount on Inv w/ Encumb A/P
DCSC Cancel Discount on Credit Memo A/P
DCSI Cancel Discount on Invoice A/P
DIEC Discount on Credit Memo A/P
DIEI Discount on Invoice w/ Encumb A/P
DISC Discount on Credit Memo A/P
DISI Discount on Invoice A/P
E020 Encumbrance Adjustment General Accounting
E032 Encumbrance Liquidation General Accounting
E090 Year End Encumbrance Roll General Accounting
FRD Fringe Chgeback w/ Liq - MU Payroll Payroll
GNL Gross Exp No Liq - MU Payroll Payroll
GRIC Grant - Indirect Cost Charge Grants
GRIR Grant - Indirect Cost Recovery Grants
GRRV Grant - Accrued Revenue Grants
ICEC Cancel Credit Memo w/ Encumbrance A/P
ICEI Cancel Invoice with Encumbrance A/P
ICNC Cancel Credit Memo w/o Encumbrance A/P
ICNI Cancel Invoice without Encumbrance A/P
INEC Credit Memo with Encumbrance A/P
INEI Invoice with Encumbrance A/P
INEP Invoice with Encumbrance charged PY A/P
INNC Credit Memo without Encumbrance A/P
INNI Invoice without Encumbrance A/P
J020 Budget Carry Forward Journal General Accounting
JE15 General Journal Entry (Intra-Fund) General Accounting
JE16 General Journal Entry (Inter-Fund) General Accounting
N001 Endowmnt Spndble Interfund Transfer Investments
PCRD Cancel Purchase Order Purchasing
POAD Additional Charge on Purchase Order Purchasing
POCL Purchase Order Close (FPAEOCD) Purchasing
PODS Discount on Purchase Order Purchasing
POLQ Purchase Order-Request Liquidation Purchasing
POPN Purchase Order Open (FPAEOCD) Purchasing
PORD Establish Purchase Order Purchasing
PORP Estab Purchase Order in Prior Year Purchasing
RCQA Cancel Add'l Charge on Requisition Purchasing
RCQD Cancel Discount on Requisition Purchasing
RCQP Cancel Requisition Purchasing
REQA Additional Charge on Requisition Purchasing
REQD Discount on Requisition Purchasing
REQP Requisition - Reservation Purchasing
RQCL Requisition close (FPAEOCD) Purchasing
W16 Bannerweb Multiple Line JV General Accounting
XXI Intra Chart Rule Class (Same COA) General Accounting
XXT Inter Chart Rule Class (Cross COA) General Accounting
YEOB Fiscal Year End Beginning Balance General Accounting