Monthly Reporting

Beginning the reporting period for January 2019 (FY19) the emailed monthly financial reports will no longer be sent via email. You will need to log into Business Intelligence (BI) to run the monthly reports from the Financial Information dashboard. All active staff or faculty member with a unique ID has access to this dashboard. No special access is required.

The Financial Dashboards have been developed to allow financial review of all funds, or any one fund, for any level of the Miami University organization. The Financial Dashboards have been organized from the highest summary level to the lowest detail level of information.

Training materials are available in Canvas to help guide you through the process of running the monthly budget reports in BI.

The accounting period officially closes five business days of the following calendar month.
Please keep in mind that the final numbers for any period are not available until the period is
officially closed.

Communication will be sent using the General Accounting Listserv when the period is officially closed. Please email if you need to be added to this listserv to receive these emails. Email General Accounting to remove you from the Listserv.

Finance Manager Changes

To replace someone as a Financial Manager, submit a Financial Manager Change Request.

Leaving the University

Financial Managers leaving the University should also be removed from Banner as the department’s Financial Manager. Departments should complete the Financial Manager Transfer Request Form.

Email to remove you from the Listserv.