Interdepartmental Upload Instructions

The Banner Interdepartmental Upload Template is used when one department has many journal voucher lines to be input into Banner at the same time--usually greater than 10 lines. Save a copy of the template to your local machine and follow the directions below for completing the spreadsheet.

Columns in Excel Spreadsheet:

  1. System ID
    To be filled in by General Accounting unless already known.
  2. Type
    This must always be C! If no C exists in a line or anything else is entered besides a C, the entire row will be completely ignored when uploading to Banner.
  3. COAS
    Clients may provide you with a Chart Code, which in most instances will be C. There are other letters (P & F), but the code that will be used the most is C. If they do not provide you Chart C - that is fine. General Accounting will fill this in if it is not known.
  4. Index Code
    There will be a four or six character Index Code, which generally consists of a department identifier plus a number. If letters are part of the index, they must be capitalized. (Examples- GAC001, 1943, G00845)
  5. Fund
    Not needed if Index Code exists in column D. Only needed if balance sheet accounts are being used (must have 6 characters if used).
  6. Orgn
    Not needed if Index Code exists in column D. (must have 6 digits if used)
  7. Account Code
    Clients must also give you an Account Code (six digits).This is necessary. This code specifies the type of expense or revenue you are dealing with if an index code is assigned.
    The most important information to get is the index code and the account code.
  8. Program
    Not needed if Index Code exists in column D. (must have 5 digits if used)
  9. Activity
    Clients may give you an Activity Code (three numerical digits) along with the index and account codes. This just further specifies where the expense/revenue needs to be coded within a given department. This is not required but should be used when provided.
  10. Location
    Rarely used code. (must have 5 digits if used though)
  11. DB/CR
    This column must have either a D for debit or a C for credit. Put the C in red (Excel menu- Format/Cells/Font/Color--Red) if credits so they can be located easier.
  12. Amount
    This number must never be negative even when a credit. The C in the prior column (K) determines what sign will be entered in Banner. The format of this column (Excel menu- Format/Cells/Number/Category--Number/Decimal places--2 & uncheck “use 1000 separator” box) can have no commas, $ signs, or formulas (with the exception of an =SUM(*cells to be totaled*) formula for the grand total at the bottom).
  13. Trans Desc
    This is the description you will see when viewing thetransactions on MInE reports or in Banner, so please include whatever information will benefit your department the most. Note that you only have 35 spaces to work with. The following cannot be in this column- commas, % signs, & signs, quotes, or @ signs.
  14. Ref Number
    This is any (up to 8 digit) numbering system you may use to make each line unique. General Accounting will number 1,2,3, etc. if you choose to exclude.
    Note: For corrections of expenses, this column should be used to input the original document #s of the expenses for the credit lines.
  15. Month Event/Activity Occurred
    This is the month that the event/activity that you are billing for occurred. For example, if you are billing for a catering event that occurred in May, this would be MAY.
  16. Bank
    Will most likely be CD if chart in column C is equal to C as mentioned above. If chart P was used (not very frequent), PD would be the bank.
  17. Date
    Do not delete the formula from this cell! The formula =Now() is in this column because it has to have the day General Accounting uploads the entry to Banner. The year must have only 2 digits—please adjust format to (MM/DD/YY HR-MN) if 4 digits for the year are showing (Excel menu- Format/Cells/Number/Date/Type- 3/14/01 13-30).
    Columns Q-V are used to determine the correct number of spaces were input in the necessary columns. Please do not delete these columns or formula =len() because General Accounting uses them to do final checks before uploading.
  18. Dept Name
    You may enter the department for each line item in case any contacts must be made to fix possible errors later or any researching is necessary for certain codes.

Any other information you may want on the spreadsheet for your own use may be added in any column after Column W. General Accounting will delete any columns not needed for uploading.

Do not delete any columns. Only if necessary you may hide some columns not being used for your purposes. It is very helpful to General Accounting that the columns are unhidden before submitting the template.

Final Steps:

  1. Attach the completed template to an email and send to
  2. Please include the total of your upload in the email body; this helps us verify the attachment is the correct one meant to be sent.
  3. Include any description of the upload in the text of your email, whether it be the period involved or a certain numbering system your department uses for entries submitted to General Accounting.
  4. If there are any issues with the upload template, General Accounting will contact you for assistance on fixing the problems.
  5. Finally, be sure to turn templates in by the monthly deadlines (2nd working day of following month) if you need your data in a certain month.