Journal Entry Instructions

Header Section

  • Requested By - Your name
  • Organization - The name of your organization
  • Phone - Your phone number
  • Date - Current Day
  • Student Org Adviser - Your advisors signature
  • ASG Signature - Required only if an expense is to be moved from an agency account to an ASG account
  • Description - State the reason for the transfer


The credit side will be filled in with the original expense information. If you click into the transaction details on the Hub, you can find the following information.

Form Field Corresponding Field in Transaction Details Notes
Index Originating Acct (number in the parenthesis) 9XXX
Category Category 1XXXXX
Amount Amount Dollar amount listed
Original Transaction Date Memo Date listed
Payee/Source Document # Payee/Source Everything before the vertical bar


The debit side will be filled in with the new index, category/account code, and amount you want charged.