Lean Leader Certification Program FAQ's

What is the purpose of the Lean Leader Certification program?

The purpose of the Lean Leader Certification is to provide staff with the knowledge to create a sustainable lean environment. Lean Leaders are provided with a solid foundation of lean principles and the tools necessary to enable them to share lean methodologies and expertise as Miami's lean culture continues to grow.

How can I become a Lean Leader?

Becoming a Lean Leader requires that the employee apply for the position through the Lean Certification Program Application. Senior Lean Leaders are selected based on current job performance and the needs of their home division.

How is my certification funded?

Lean certification is centrally funded by Miami University.

How often is the certification offered?

Certification programs begin each fall.

What happens if I have a schedule conflict with a required course either offered through Staff Development or offsite?

If there is a schedule conflict the participant is encouraged to schedule for a course in which they can attend completely. Once it is determined that there is a schedule conflict with an internal course the Lean Leader should cancel their registration through the TRAIN Registration system. There are waiting lists for these courses and canceling attendance will allow the TRAIN system to admit the next eligible alternate. Participants who arrive late or leave early they will not be given credit for the course. There is no way to make up work that occurs during the course.

How do I know if I am accepted into the Lean Leader Certification Program?

Lean Leader candidates will be notified by their department's Associate Vice President when they have been approved to participate in the Lean Leader Certification Program.

How long do I have to complete my certification course requirements?

Individuals can take 24 to 30 months to complete required courses. Failure to complete requirements in the specified time period could result in being disqualified for the incentive.

What happens when I complete my Lean Certification?

Lean Leaders are expected to actively lead and/or participate in lean projects within their department and across campus. They may be asked to participate in training and sharing overview information with departments across campus.

How do I request my Lean Certification salary increase?

When an individual has completed different levels of the Lean Leader Certification, they may qualify for a bonus (Lean Partner or Lean Leader) or stipend (Senior Lean Leader). You would need to request this via email to the Director of Lean Initiatives, manochk@MiamiOH.edu.