Finance and Business Services Marketing provides a range of services to support your advertising and communications efforts on campus.

Marketing Solutions

Do you offer design and marketing solutions?

FBS marketing provides a full suite of marketing support for FBS clients, from initial strategy, design, and final implementation. We also offer on-campus services to the greater Miami University community. This includes an on-campus print shop (no design work), digital advertising on campus displays, and assistance with name tags, plaques and awards. Get started!

Digital Ads

How do I request a digital ad?

Contact Us!

Call us anytime during our business hours and we'll be sure to meet your advertisement needs. Also refer to our Digital Advertisement page to view our guidelines and to access our templates.


How do I submit a printing request?

Visit our Printing Services page! You can choose between our printing request form and sandwich board request form or contact taeuberw@miamioh.edu.

Name Tags

How do I submit a name tag request?

Please refer to our Name Tags page and select name tag request form. If you have an urgent need please contact John Buchholz (sharedservices@miamioh.edu).

Plaques and Awards

How do I submit a request for a plaque, award, or trophy?

Contact one of our vendors on our Plaques and Awards page!