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The Office of Investments and Treasury Services manages the investments and treasury (e.g., cash, debt obligations) functions for Miami University.

Our goal is to become a cashless campus. The Office of Investments and Treasury Services assists and supports offices around campus to achieve higher levels of security and operational efficiency that result from becoming cashless.

We also provide accounting and financial reporting for the Miami University Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that receives, invests, and stewards financial support from donors to the University.

We include our annual investment reports within the University's annual financial reports, which you can access through the Office of the Controller.

Learn about the Investment and Treasury Services Office, its goals, and staff.

Useful Tools and Reminders from Treasury Services

In the Fall of 2020, Miami University officially became a cashless campus. Treasury Services would like to provide some tools, resources and reminders to efficiently collect funds while remaining cashless and adhering to Treasury policies:

  • Emarket: A customized payment webpage on Miami's Nelnet platform that is great for collecting funds for dues, fees, registrations and sales of goods/services. Just keep in mind that Emarkets cannot be used to collect gifts, which the Office of University Advancement will be happy to assist with should you wish to create a giving page!
  • Loaner Credit Card Reader: A physical wireless or ethernet credit card reader that can be checked out from Treasury Services to physically collect funds via credit card. Reservations are first come first serve! These work well for walk-up purchases and infrequent events where proceeds are collected (i.e. annual conferences/lectures).
  • Dedicated Departmental credit card reader: Purchasing a dedicated credit card reader for your department is great if you have sufficient transaction volume and a regular or ongoing need to collect funds.
  • Payment System/Software: If your department would like to utilize ANY payment software/systems, or is planning to replace an existing system that accepts payment, it is imperative to contact Treasury Services early in the process to ensure it is compatible with existing Miami Platforms as well as compliant with Miami's PCI policies.

Please note that Departments should not use unauthorized credit card processors/devices such as a mobile phone square, Paypal link, Eventbrite, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact Treasury Services if you have any questions.

Review cash handling, endowed and non-endowment funds, and spending policies.

See University contracts we post to comply with federal Department of Education regulatory reporting obligations.