University Sponsored Program Guidelines

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Program sponsors are responsible for ensuring the following requirements are met for each university sponsored program or activity.

Register the program or Activity

All University Programs shall complete and file a Registration of Programs and Activities Involving Minors Form with the Miami University Police Department (MUPD) not less than thirty (30) days prior to the first scheduled date of participation by minors.)

Ensure Program Staff Complete and Clear Background Checks

University programs are required to ensure that all Responsible Adults having direct contact with minors shall undergo a criminal background check prior to engaging in such activity. Where required by Ohio law, or where the Responsible Adult is engaged at a facility or in a Program that involves showering, changing or sleeping facilities, the background check shall include a criminal background check conducted by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCII) and an FBI records check.          

  1. Miami University Employee Background Checks are administered through Human Resources
  2. Civilian Background Checks are available through MUPD for volunteers, students or intermittent employees or those with temporary appointments of less than 90 days
  3. Responsible Adults living in another state will need to contact Human Resources at for instructions. This process can take approximately 2-3 months so those living outside the state of Ohio should contact Human Resources as soon as possible. 

Ensure Program Staff Complete Training

The Minors on Campus Policy dictates that any person who will oversee, direct and/or chaperone minor children on campus must have training on how to protect children from harm while on campus.  University programs are required to ensure that staff complete the training prior to the program or activity start date.

Required training is available through the EduRisk Learning Portal.  The required course is Protecting Children:  Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct

All Responsible Adults must also be advised of the Guidelines for Appropriate Behavior with Minors and be aware of the mandatory reporting requirements associated with programs with minors. 

Collect Staff and Participant Information

A roster of all University Program participants and a directory of University Program staff. The list shall include each participant’s name, local room assignment (if applicable); gender, age, address, and phone number(s) of parent(s) or legal guardian(s), as well as emergency contact information. The list shall be maintained by the Program staff, with a copy provided to the Miami University Police Department (MUPD) for day-long or overnight Programs.

Collect Signed Information Sheet and Liability Waiver and Release Forms

A parent/legal guardian permission to engage in all aspects of the program must be obtained.  All signed information sheet and liability waiver and release forms must be collected from all program participants prior to engaging in any activity or program.  These forms may contain medical information and must be stored securely.  Forms will be sent to you by Risk Management upon registration of the event and vary based upon the activity involved in the program. 

Some of the forms available:

  1. Photo/Video Release 
  2. Photo Release and Assumption of Risk
  3. Youth Program Participation Information Sheet and Liability Waiver and Release (non-sport)
  4. Youth Camp Participant Information Sheet and Liability Waiver and Release (sport camp)

As a reminder, all waivers and releases must be stored per RM 8.11 of the Records Retention Policy.  

Report any Injuries or Suspicion of Child Abuse

All University Programs shall agree to report any situation, fact or circumstance, that would reasonably give rise to a suspicion that child abuse, neglect, or endangerment may have occurred, shall be reported immediately to

  • Miami’s Office of the General Counsel (513-529-6734); and
  • MUPD (513-529-2222) or 911 if an emergency, the Oxford Police Department (513-523-4321), the Butler County Sheriff (513-785-1300) or the Butler County Public Children Services Agency (513-887-4055)
  • A representative of the outside organization or entity

 Injury/Incident reports can be found at utilizing the Non-Occupational Accident/Injury Form.