University Sponsored Programs

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University Sponsored Programs

University Programs are those activities offered or sponsored by academic or administrative units of the University that are specifically designed for participation by minors, including mentoring and education programs, workshops, sports or academic camps, conferences, pre-enrollment visits, and similar activities.

All programs must be registered with MUPD 30 days in advance of your event but you must adhere to specific guidelines if you are hosting a Miami University event with non-Miami student participants under the age of 18 and those participants are in the care of Miami University and not their parent/guardian/teacher/leader.

Student organizations are not permitted to hold a minors on campus event without an academic or administrative unit co-sponsor unless the parent/guardian/teacher/leader remains with the minors for the entire event.


Program sponsors are responsible for ensuring the following requirements are met for each university sponsored program or activity.


All program leaders, program staff and volunteers who will be working with minors in a program or activity must complete required online training. 

Background Checks

A background check is required prior to engaging with minors in a program or activity.


Reporting Requirements

There is a duty to report injuries and illnesses and child abuse, neglect or endangerment.

Emergency Procedures

What to do if a minor in your program or activity experiences a medical emergency.

Appropriate Behavior Guidelines

Follow these expectations to avoid behaviors that could cause harm or be misinterpreted.