Vehicle Rental

University Business Rentals

Miami University, along with the Inter-University Council of Ohio, has entered into a vehicle rental contract with Enterprise/National and Hertz for business rentals.

  • Drivers renting a vehicle for University business for local use and out of state travel are required to rent from Enterprise, National or Hertz which includes liability and collision damage waivers. At the time of pickup, please initial to accept these coverages. Roadside assistance is also available through Enterprise/National for an additional charge. This insurance is not required by Miami University but the department or student organization may elect to purchase roadside assistance. Personal accident insurance should be declined. For travel outside the United States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, the renter must accept the liability and collision insurance offered by the rental company.


  • In the event service from Enterprise/National and Hertz is not available, renters must purchase the liability and damage waiver insurance made available through the other rental company and must submit justification to Accounts Payable at the time a request for reimbursement is made.


  • The minimum age for rentals from Enterprise Rent a Car, National Car Rental and Hertz is 18 years of age for vehicles 9 passengers and under (including the driver). The minimum age for vehicles over 10 passengers (including the driver) and all rentals through Enterprise Truck Rental is 21 years of age.  Please note:  The University's contractual agreement for Enterprise/National and Hertz establishes the minimum driving age for rental; however, local and state rules and regulations in a particular area may prohibit rentals to those under 21. 


  • All drivers must be either Miami faculty or staff, a Miami student, or a guest on university business. A vehicle rented under the university business account cannot be driven by a family member.  Family members are permitted to be passengers in vehicles rented under the business account.
    • If a vehicle is rented under the business account but the Miami faculty or staff, Miami student, or guest plans to extend their travel for non-business purposes, the vehicle must be returned to the rental agency and a new rental agreement secured under the personal rental account.


  • All drivers renting a 12 passenger van/cargo van must be at least 21 years of age and have completed an on-line van safety driving course available through the Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Services. Please submit a van safety training request for this training. 


  • In keeping with fiscal responsibility and stewardship of University funds, please reserve the most economical vehicle to meet the business needs of the traveler.
  • 15 passenger van rentals are prohibited under the contract and by Miami University.
  • One way vehicle rentals are available but will include an additional fee.
  • Fuel is not included in the rental rate. Drivers should either purchase fuel using a Miami purchasing card or use cash/personal credit card and submit a travel reimbursement request.
  • Rentals through Enterprise and National include unlimited mileage and there is no additional charge for additional drivers in each vehicle. Rentals through Enterprise Truck Rental do not include unlimited mileage.


  • The preferred method for rental reservations for University employees and guests is online and can be accessed through Buyway; however, if you do not have access to Buyway, you must log in to retrieve the business rental account number.  Please note: 12 passenger van rentals cannot be booked online and must be reserved directly with the branch. 
    • When reserving via telephone or in person, please reference the Miami University business account number.
    • A credit card in the name of the renter is required for all Enterprise/National rentals.
      • Departmental billing accounts can be established at the request of the department to ensure proper billing for those employees/university guests that do not have a Miami University credit card in their name. Please contact Andrea Crane-Coyle if you wish to establish a departmental billing account.  Please note, this may take several weeks to process.
      • University guests, not traveling on behalf of a department with an established billing number, must provide a personal credit card at vehicle pick up and be reimbursed per the travel policy.
      • Additional information can be found on the Vehicle Rental FAQ page for student organization procedures.
    • The website does not allow a reservation to be booked with a return day or time that is outside of normal hours of operation. If you will be returning after hours, please book the date of return as the next business day but still return as intended.
    • Please note:  reservations will include state tax but the tax will be removed by the Enterprise branch at the time of rental return in those states where Miami University is tax exempt.  


  • It is the renter's responsibility to obtain a receipt for the charges.
    • If a department is using a billing number, the receipt will be emailed to the appropriate billing contact upon return of the vehicle. Receipts can also be obtained upon the return of the vehicle from the branch (during normal hours of operation) or from the Enterprise website at Enterprise Receipts.
    • To obtain a receipt for a toll charged during a rental, please visit Highway Toll Administration, choose the appropriate rental company, enter the renter's last name, choose the contract number from the dropdown and then enter the rental agreement number in the contract ID field.  Note:  Enterprise has a TollPass Program that should be considered in any area where toll roads are located.  Some areas may not permit you to pay cash at the toll lane.  Drivers in the Chicago metropolitan area are highly suggested to rent a TollPass Waiver transponder to avoid high administrative fees for toll charges.
    • For student organizations, the receipt obtained from the branch (during normal hours of operation) or from the Enterprise website at Enterprise Receipts must be uploaded into the Buyway requisition. Please refrain from calling the Main or Satellite branch to obtain a copy of the receipt.


  • Questions or concerns about vehicle rental should be directed to Andrea Crane-Coyle.  She can be contacted via telephone at (513) 529-4225 or via email at


Student Organization/Club Sport Rental Process

In addition to all information listed above, student organizations and club sports must request approval for funding through the Buyway system before renting a vehicle under the University's contract. 

To complete this request, please follow the steps listed below:

  • Those student organization/club sport members who are authorized to purchase must log into Buyway and obtain a quote for the specific reservation needed using the Enterprise tile in the Preferred Suppliers section of the home page.  Do not reserve the vehicle or obtain a quote through the public Enterprise or National sites as this will not include Miami University's contracted rates or insurance.


  • Once the quote is obtained, submit the Buyway Student Org Rental Car Request form under the Student Organization Forms and Services section.
    • The Amount field will be the quote total.
    • Please add the vehicle rental quote as an internal attachment.
  • Once the request has been approved through the student organization advisor or club sport program, the form will route to Accounts Payable and a one-time use credit card will be issued for rentals picked up at the Oxford, OH Enterprise location.  If pickup is at a location other than Oxford, OH, please contact for other payment options.


  • Once the funding has been approved, please return to the Enterprise tile in Buyway to reserve the vehicle.  Please note:  the Student Org Car Request form in Buyway does NOT reserve the vehicle through Enterprise/National.


Personal Rentals

The Enterprise/National contract extends to personal rentals by Miami University faculty, staff, retirees (SOME and SOMR-with valid ID).