Vehicle Rental FAQ

General Questions

What if the airport I am flying into does not have an Enterprise or National car rental service?

If you are unable to book a rental vehicle through Enterprise or National, you must accept and pay for the damage waiver and supplemental liability protection offered by any other vehicle rental company that you choose.

Enterprise in Oxford is not open on Saturday and Sunday, will I be charged for a three-day rental if I only need the vehicle on Friday?


Why is my charge more through Miami that it would be if I booked directly through Enterprise without using the Miami account number?

Insurance is the difference in the rental rates. Miami requires all staff/student organizations renting vehicles to purchase liability insurance. This insurance is built into the charge you pay when booking through Miami.

What happens if I am in an accident while driving an Enterprise vehicle?

Police should be notified immediately of any accident occurring while driving an Enterprise vehicle. A Certificate of Self- Insurance (proof of insurance) through Enterprise can be found in the glove compartment of the vehicle and will also be listed on the back of the Enterprise Rental Contract. Depending upon the severity of the accident, the driver may choose to notify Enterprise immediately. If only a minor accident, the accident must be reported at the time of the vehicle return. All "other party" contact information should be obtained at the time of the accident. Additionally, a Miami University Accident Report must be submitted at the driver's earliest convenience.

Enterprise is asking me to buy personal liability and roadside assistance insurance. Does Miami require that I purchase these?

No, Miami only requires that you accept the insurance built into the contract.

If I have a one-way rental, should I choose Enterprise or National?

National is the preferred vendor for one-way rentals; however one-way rental options may be available through Enterprise. All one-way rentals will incur an additional fee for this convenience.

Who do I contact at Miami if I have an Enterprise question?

Please contact Andrea Crane-Coyle at 513-529-4225 or via email at

Do I use the regular Miami account number when renting personally through Enterprise?

No, when renting a vehicle for personal use, you must use the personal account number. This account number will ensure that you receive Miami-contracted rates, but this contract does NOT include liability insurance. Drivers must be at least 21 years of age and additional fees may be charged for ages 21-25.  

Is fuel included in the rental rate?

No, fuel is not included in the rental rate. Drivers should either purchase fuel using a Miami P-card or use cash/personal credit card and submit a travel expense request to Accounts Payable for reimbursement.

If I don't have a Miami University purchasing card in my name, can I reserve a car and charge it to a departmental card in someone else's name?

No, you will have to use a personal card and get reimbursed OR the department can set up a departmental billing number PRIOR to the trip and the reservation can be placed on that departmental billing number. Applications for departmental Enterprise billing numbers can be made by contacting Andrea Crane-Coyle at 513-529-4225 or via email at

Student Organization Questions

Is van safety training only required of one member of the student organization?

No, each driver must complete van safety training prior to rental. Van safety training applies to all vehicles capable of carrying more than 6 people and all cargo vans. Please submit a request for van safety training in advance of travel.  

If I am a student organization, which form do I complete to get the account information for Enterprise?

Student organizations will access the "Student Org Rental Car Request from Enterprise Rent-A-Car" in Buyway to request a one-time use credit card number for Enterprise vehicle rental payment.

How long does it typically take to get a one-time-use credit card number for Enterprise rental?

All credit card requests are created and the information is distributed within 1-2 business days after approval by the Adviser.

What information do I need to give to Enterprise to ensure proper payment for the vehicle rental?

You will print a copy of the Requisition and the 2 emails sent to the Student Organization Treasurer housing credit card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes.

What should I do with my vehicle rental receipts?

Receipts are required to be scanned and attached in Buyway to complete the requisition. You will first be required to save these receipts into a document. Then access the requisition in Buyway, choose the "Comments tab" then "Add Comment". Choose the Browse option below the Comment box to select and attach the receipt document.