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I Have a Lean Idea Program

How can you make a difference?

By embodying the following qualities, individuals can contribute to a collective effort that drives positive change, fosters innovation, and enhances the overall effectiveness of operations at Miami University.

  • Making a difference involves adopting a continuous improvement mindset, where individuals are encouraged to proactively seek opportunities for enhancement.
  • Embracing Lean behaviors promotes a culture of efficiency, waste reduction, and collaborative problem-solving.
  • A sense of urgency emphasizes the importance of swift and decisive action to address challenges and seize improvement opportunities.
  • Leading by example inspires others through demonstrated commitment to Lean principles. 

What qualifies as a Lean idea?

A Lean idea is a suggestion that describes a specific problem, offers a workable solution and fulfills one of Miami University's breakthrough objectives:  Increase Revenue, Improve Productivity, Reduce Costs (dollars saved will be removed from future budgets), Avoid Costs (savings will not be permanently reduced from the budget, but will be utilized for more productive work), or have a "green" sustainability component.

Some examples of Lean ideas submitted by staff

  • Email Invoicing- Phase 1 of OCR/Electronic Invoicing
  • Prescription Drug Drop Off Box
  • Train of PM on Building Generators
  • Asbestos Training for 2nd Shift Electricians
  • Contractor Warranty Work
  • Paint Pre-Painting
  • Electronic Elevator Inspection Form
  • Access to WRA Cabin and Western Lodge Calendars
  • Tracking Work Projects in Buildings
  • Reduction of Ice Usage during Learn to Skate
  • Freestyle Ice Time
  • Streamline Point Request Submission for Job Enrichment
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