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Mail and Package Center

The Mail and Package Center serves as the primary contact for University business conducted with the United States Postal Service and as such, is subject to enforce USPS regulations regarding the handling of U.S. mail. Mail Services must handle mail in accordance with the Private Express Statutes as stated in 39 CFR, Code of the Federal Register.

Sending Mail and Packages

Photo of two student sitting outside of a residence hall with their backpacks at their feet.

Addressing Mail and Packages

  • Student Name (First, Middle Initial, Last)
  • Residence Hall Street Address
  • Residence Hall Name and Room Number
  • Oxford, OH 45056
Photo of the smart locker system inside the Mail and Packaging Center

Special Instructions

For Amazon Packages Only:

If there is an available option for 'special instructions', please communicate in that space to have Amazon drivers deliver to:

  • 113 Shriver Center
  • Mail and Package Center

Resident Mail and Package Services

Find out more about student mail handling services, including ways to retrieve mail, forward mail, and use the new facilities in Shriver Center.


Parents Corner

How do I track a lost letter from home?

You may contact the Resident Director of your hall or Mail and Package Services at (513) 529-9221

When is mail delivered to the Resident Hall mailboxes?

Mail is delivered to the residence hall mailboxes by RAs by 8:00 p.m., weekdays only.

What happens to my mail during break periods?

During winter break and term, mail is forwarded to your home address.


What forms of payment do you accept at the Post Office?

Credit/Debit Card and MULAA

Is the Post Office open on Saturday?

No, the USPS located in Shriver is closed on Saturday.



Resident Services

What if I forgot my mailbox combination code?

Check with your Resident Director.

Can my friend pick up my packages for me?

You may give your friend your locker code.

What if I lose or delete my locker codes?

You will need to contact the Pickup Window staff during regular business hours.

How do I change my address to off-campus if I move mid-year?

You will need to update your local address in banner and stop by the Pickup Window to request forwarding of mail to your new address.

Administrative and Departmental Services

How do I replace barcode slips?

Check the Outgoing Mail page for more details

Can I call for a Mail pickup?

Call 529-9221 for special requests.

Tracking your Package

Mail and Package Center

113 Shriver Center
701 E. Spring Street
Oxford, OH 45056