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Miami University provides many personalized services to help students find and pursue rewarding career paths that suit their interests and abilities. As a target school for the top professional services firms in the world, recruiters from several firms have representatives on campus on a weekly basis to talk with students and answer a wide array of questions regarding the firms they represent and the accountancy profession at large.

“Bright, collaborative, data-driven and natural leaders, are all descriptions I have heard recruiters and employers use when describing students in the Farmer School of Business.  Because of committed staff, intelligent faculty and outstandingly bright students, The Farmer School of Business is highly ranked and sought out by not only great students but top employers as well. While I believe our ranks share a significant story of the caliber of students the FSB inspires, I also remain appreciative of Miami’s recruiters and employers. The engagement around career development that takes place both in and outside of the classroom, serves our student well and prepares them for the first day of their career thus making them beyond ready.   I am grateful for the wonderful synergy that I get to witness between all of the important stakeholders that make up the career community at Farmer.”

Below is a list of more than 100 employers that have recently visited Miami's campus to recruit accountancy majors. Here are just a few of the websites of those that have recruited at Miami. If you are an employer that recruits at Miami and would like to add your website to this list, please contact us.

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Students may enroll in ACC 340 as a zero credit or one credit hour class. Additional information and application forms can be found here.

 Monique FrostMonique Frost
 Director, FSB Careers