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Do you have to be a business major to be an economics major?

No. The Economics department offers two majors in the College of Arts and Science, a BA degree and a BS degree in Quantitative Economics.

What is the difference between the economics major in the business school and the College of Arts and Science?

The BS in the FSB and the BA in the College of Arts and Science have exactly the same course requirements in economics. The business major takes the business core courses while the arts and science majors must satisfy the CAS requirements. The BS in Quantitative Economics requires 6 more hours of economics, specific advanced economics courses, and a number of required mathematics and statistics courses. The Quantitative Economics degree is designed for students who have strong quantitative skills and an interest in pursuing graduate education in economics.

What kind of job can I get with an economics major?

Economics majors find employment in a wide variety of fields and jobs. You may visit here to see a sample of placement for our 2011-2013 grads.

Can the professor for a economics course force add me to his or her course?

No. Please carefully read this information.

I tried to register for Eco 201 (or 202) and I received a prereq error. What does that mean?

It means that you probably didn't take the Miami University Math Placement test. The prerequisite for Eco 201 (and 202) is MTH 102 or Miami University Math Placement score recommending placement into MTH 123 or higher.

If I pass Eco 201 and 202, can I start the required intermediate theory and metrics classes?

Yes, if you have earned a grade of at least a "C" in ECO 201 and 202; and MTH 151 or 153 or permission of the instructor.   If you do not satisfy this prerequisite, you may choose to take other 300 level economics courses, and if your grade is a C+ or better in each course, you can request a waiver of the prerequisite. You can also take Eco 201 or 202 over again in an attempt to satisfy the prerequisite since the relevant grade is the last grade that you earned in the course.