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 Student visiting elephants in South Africa
 Students in large open area in Chinese city
 London Eye and surrounding buildings
 Students in SE asia near representations of dragons

International Business Approved General Electives

International Business Minors are required to take a minimum of six hours of approved general electives. The six hours cannot be used to fulfill both the Miami Plan Foundation requirement and the international business minor requirements. Courses that have been identified in the list of "Approved General Electives" for the international business minor may apply to a thematic sequence. Courses must be 200-level or above.

Electives must be non-business courses; one may be an upper level language course that focuses on culture and literature. Language courses that stress conversation and grammar cannot be used as general electives. The suggested electives are recommended, but by no means comprise the extent of courses that would be useful preparation for international business. Non-business courses offered in approved study abroad programs may be used as electives with the approval of the FSB International Business Minor advisor.