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How do I schedule an appointment with a career advisor?

Log in to Handshake>>on the right hand side, in Quick Links>>Request a Career Advising Appt>> 30 or 60 minute appointments

How do I search for an internship or full-time opportunity?

  • Utilize Handshake
  • Attend Fall and Spring Career Fair

Where can I get my resume/cover letter reviewed?

Drop in Resume Review hours are held in FSB 1022 and in Armstrong Student Center 0045. Be sure to view the resume and cover letter reference guides.

What is the difference between business casual and business professional?

Business Professional


  • Suit of a professional color (black, dark blue, gray)
  • Pants or skirt of an appropriate length
  • Business Dress
  • Blouse of neutral color
  • Heels, flats


  • Suit/tie of a professional color (black, dark blue, gray)
  • Dress socks
  • Dress shoes

Business Casual


  • Blouse, sweater
  • Dress pants, skirt (appropriate length)
  • Heels, flats


  • Dress shirt
  • Dress pants
  • Blazer optional
  • Tie optional
  • Belt and dress shoes should match
  • Dress socks

How do I receive credit for my internship?

Miami University supports and encourages internship opportunities for students. The purpose of this policy is to identify the different types and features of internships available to Miami students and to set forth the responsibilities of the student, the University, and the Internship Sponsor. Read more

When are the office hours for the Big Four?

Employer office hours are located in FSB 3088 Monday -Thursday during the academic school year.  If you would like to learn more information about employer office hours, please visit FSB Student Services (FSB 1022) for more information.

How do I find careers associated with my major?

For information on possible career paths pertaining to your major, view FSB's major and career info sheets  found on the FSB website. For additional resources, make an appointment with a career advisor via Handshake.

What is some general advice for planning my study abroad around career fairs?

We recommend that students study abroad during the summer of freshmen and sophomore year. Employers typically target upperclassmen for internship opportunities. Depending on your major, it is strongly recommend that you avoid study abroad in the fall semester, as Career Fair is a heavy recruitment time for employers.

Here are some tips for students planning on going abroad:

  1. Get started early!
  2. Utilize resources before going abroad
  3. Build and improve skills while you’re abroad
  4. Follow up and stay connected

What are the best ways to use LinkedIn?

Students can use LinkedIn in a variety of ways. Students can research companies and their job postings, network with Miami Alumni, and connect with recruiters about opportunities. This is also a great medium to follow up after meeting recruiters! View LinkedIn University's tip guides on ways to navigate different features in LinkedIn.

How do I combat the anxiety associated with uncertainty in my future career?

Breathe. You are here at Miami because of your hard work, and you have continued to work hard throughout your time here. Be patient, vigilant and calm. Timing is everything.