ILR teacher showing the students a wine glass
ILR teacher showing students a plant outside
ILR students learning from teacher in the classroom

“I look forward to ILR courses every spring and fall—one of the best things about living in Oxford!”
~ Anne Morris-Hooke, Fall 2022

“ILR is a fantastic way to keep our minds active by learning and sharing new findings with other adult learners.”
~ Sharon Chapman, Fall 2022

“I love the variety of subjects - I am always looking for courses that are practical for our age group and challenge our thinking.”
~ Marcie Seidel, Fall 2022

“I was astonished at how carefully and professionally the hosts of each course were prepared. Don't take an ILR course unless you really want to learn something.”
~ Judith Kolbas, Fall 2022

“Once again the ILR program exceeded my wishes for good learning at this stage of my life.”
~ Phil Cass, Spring 2022

“Lifelong learning classes often lead to meeting new lifelong friends, wherever the journey takes you!”
~ Shelly Abrams, Spring 2022

“ILR has evolved into an outstanding program and an excellent option for seniors.”
~ Curt Ellison, Spring 2022

“What a wonderful array of interesting topics.  It is always difficult to choose only those one has the time to attend!”
~ Ken Grabach, Spring 2022

“It's a real pleasure and true blessing to be able to participate with ILR! Here's to the next 25 years!”
~ Robin Seaver, Spring 2022

“Absolutely fabulous experience! As a former teacher and lifelong learner, I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. I feel that the information was so beneficial that I will continue to grow in my thoughts and even make decisions from what I learned.”
~ Pamela Hudson, Fall 2021

“This is a wonderful program and a great enhancement to ongoing education for retired people.”
~ Don Kasle, Fall 2021

“The entire experience went smoothly - from reception of catalog to online registration. I added a class after initial registration and that too was handled smoothly.”
~ Eleanor Wagner, Fall 2021

“ILR is a life-enriching resource.”
~ Sante Matteo, Fall 2021

“Thank you so much for providing such good brain food. Keep it coming!”
~ Charley McKinley, Fall 2021