ILR teacher showing the students a wine glass
ILR teacher showing students a plant outside
ILR students learning from teacher in the classroom

As a member-driven organization committed to providing a high-quality program at the lowest possible cost, we rely heavily on volunteers to help in a variety of ways including serving on the Board and/or committees (Curriculum, Special Events, Publicity, Class Host) and helping with such tasks as the following:

  • Providing computer support (typing, graphic design, database management)
  • Promoting ILR
  • Distributing materials
  • Proofreading
  • Writing confirmation and thank-you letters
  • Assisting with registration
  • Reviewing archival materials
  • Scanning/copying documents
  • Updating member information records
  • Helping instructors with AV equipment

The above tasks are intermittent and require a total commitment of 2–10 hours in the Spring or Fall. Some tasks require coming into the ILR Office while others can be done off campus.

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