Creative Arts and Culture

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Experiencing Arts and Culture Ireland

Invention + Innovation in Entertainment Design in Walt Disney World

Mellows Bridge in Dublin

Experience the rich history of Irish theatre, storytelling, and music, as well as other artistic traditions such as Irish Dance and Gaelic language. Attend performances, complete hands-on creative projects, and create multi-media presentations—Ireland is our classroom!


CCA 121 (3)
CCA 221 (3)

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Monorail and Walt Disney World

Investigate from behind-the-scenes how Disney creates its magic! Students will experience first-hand a unique perspective of entertainment design with backstage tours, conversations with design experts, and more.

Italy Visions and Contrasts

Made in Italy

Roman coliseum and surrounding locale

Food is an important part of Italian culture, and students in this program analyze the representation of food in Italian cinema while practicing the art of travel and culinary writing in Florence.


ENG 310 (3)
ITL/FST/IDS 299.h (3)

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A hand holds a gelato cone with Italian street in background

Study the “Three Fs” of Italian industry: Fashion, Food, and Furniture. Students visit multiple major businesses, from Armani to a gelato factory, to understand the history and culture behind them.


ITL 279 (6)

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Paris Cultural Capital

boat on the Seine with Eiffel Tower

Masterpieces of French and American culture come to life by following in the footsteps of Hemingway, exploring the grandeur of Versailles, and experiencing other adventures in the City of Lights.


FRE 131 (3)
ENG 163 (3)

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