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International Student Center

UniDiversity festival performers
 Students pose with Miami mascot Swoop in front of welcome sign for international students
Young woman in traditional clothing performs a tea ceremony
 Students pose within an Instagram frame at ISSS Thanksgiving Dinner
Students participate in intergroup dialogue
 Dancers at UniDiversity festival

Welcome to the International Student Center (ISC)!

A Global Initiatives collaborative platform for student and community development and intercultural engagement.

ISSS is excited to announce the opening of the International Student Center! Our hope is that this space, located in MacMillan Hall 017, will provide a boost in support for the international community who call Miami and Oxford home and help build a more inclusive global community.

For this semester and beyond, the ISC is committed to support students and groups launching programs and events that:

  • share and celebrate diverse expressions of world cultures and peoples.
  • enhance cross-cultural experience and interpersonal communication skills.
  • develop collaborative local/global initiatives toward a shared vision or common purpose.
  • promote a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Our Vision and Mission

The vision of the ISC is to support the international community cross-cultural experience at Miami University, build capacity for an inclusive global community in Oxford, and advance campus internationalization.

The mission of the center is to expand support for international students, providing orientation, resources, and advocacy; and to co-create opportunities of exploration, discovery, reflection and action for the international community through collaborative co-curricular initiatives that build strong intercultural connections.

Visit Us


MacMillan Hall Room 017
531 East Spring Street, Oxford OH 45056

Use back entrance of MacMillan Hall. Enter through the middle doors facing the parking lot.

Currently open by appointment only

Please reach out to ISC staff directly to schedule a meeting.

ISC Room Request

The International Student Center (ISC) offers space and support for students, student organizations, or other groups that are pursuing a program or event that promotes community development and intercultural engagement. All activities in the ISC must follow current public health guidelines of the CDC, State of Ohio, and Miami Healthy Together.

Request ISC Space

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