European Area Studies Minor

The European Area Studies Minor is a practical choice for many Lux students. Most of the courses offered in Luxembourg count toward the EAS Minor requirements. Please note that it is typically necessary to fulfill the European geography course on the Oxford campus.

The EAS Minor requirements—at least 18 credit hours—are the following:

  • Modern European history course at the 200/400 levels or HST 122
  • GEO 311, GEO 307 or another European geography course
  • POL 332, 333,423 or ECO 341 or appropriate substitution
  • Course in European culture (in literature, art, architecture, music, theater, or cinema)
  • Course in a modern European language at the 300+ level—taught in the language
  • Minimum of one additional European-focused course in consultation with advisor, to attain the credit-hour requirement

Note that each course satisfying the above requirements must be a minimum of 3 credit hours.


Consult with Dr. Dorothy Donahue, 250 Irvin, 529-1539, or Dr. Nichole Thesz, 168 Irvin Hall, 529-1854, to discuss the many courses that can be used to substitute for those listed here.