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MUDEC Beyond the Chateau Walls: Maddy Stanger and KelseyHopperServices
Interning at a startup can be challenging in and of itself, especially while being abroad. An intern may wear multiple hats in a company that is just getting its feet wet and may not truly know what purpose he or she serves. Luckily, in Maddy Stanger’s case, her internship hits a little closer to home. Stanger gets to work with a fellow MUDEC alum, Kelsey Hopper, who has just recently become a Luxembourg citizen and has started a small business venture focusing on health, wellness, and music.
MUDEC Alum Kelsey Hopper's Journey to Small Business
Pranshu and his broomball team after winning the championship game.Here at MUDEC, there are many internship opportunities working with businesses and start-ups in the Luxembourg area, and it’s not uncommon to have MUDEC students working for people who have been in their shoes! Kelsey Hopper, MUDEC alumni and small business owner, has enlisted students, Clare Quinn, Kevin Hansbauer, and Maddy Stanger, as interns helping her with promotion and content creation for her independent yoga and music businesses
National award spotlights Miami's focus on international education
To engage with the Centro Explorativo, a volunteer-run school in Guatemala, Miami University engineering students participated in a grand chess tournament with the young students. Graduate student Michael Larson is fourth down the row in the white ball cap.Next week, Miami President Greg Crawford will travel to the nation’s capital to accept the 2019 Senator Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization.
MUDEC: Beyond the Chateau Walls
Students who study with MUDEC do not only get an amazing cultural experience and memories they'll remember forever, but they could also learn valuable skills for their future careers beyond the château walls.
Where in the World is Miami Wednesday: Meet an International Student from India
Pranshu and his broomball team after winning the championship game.Meet Sakshi Shah, a first-year student from Indore, India majoring in Computer Science.
Major Insight Episode 8: The Linguistics of Eco-poetics, The Environment, and You
Featured Majors: French, Linguistics, German
International student referees water polo match
Leilei Wang came to the United States in May, stepping off the plane into an unknown place where he has trouble communicating. At Miami University, though, he’s found comfort in the familiar — water polo.
Travel brings history to life for MUDEC student
Heidi Hetterscheidt loved her time at MUDEC because it allowed her to experience her studies firsthand. She had such a good experience that she knew she had to find a way back to Europe someday.
Where in the World is Miami Wednesday: Hong Kong and Chengdu
Pranshu and his broomball team after winning the championship game.Meet Molly DeFilippo, a Junior Economics and East Asian Languages and Cultures major studying economics, culture, and Mandarin Chinese. Molly interned this summer in Hong Kong and is now studying in Chengdu for the semester.