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International student referees water polo match
Leilei Wang came to the United States in May, stepping off the plane into an unknown place where he has trouble communicating. At Miami University, though, he’s found comfort in the familiar — water polo.
Travel brings history to life for MUDEC student
Heidi Hetterscheidt loved her time at MUDEC because it allowed her to experience her studies firsthand. She had such a good experience that she knew she had to find a way back to Europe someday.
Where in the World is Miami Wednesday: Hong Kong and Chengdu
Pranshu and his broomball team after winning the championship game.Meet Molly DeFilippo, a Junior Economics and East Asian Languages and Cultures major studying economics, culture, and Mandarin Chinese. Molly interned this summer in Hong Kong and is now studying in Chengdu for the semester.
5 Ways to Celebrate International Education Week at Miami
Explore 5 ways to celebrate IEW November 15-22, 2019.
8 Summer Programs Abroad
Are you considering studying abroad over the summer but not sure which program is right for you? We've compiled a list of 8 programs across various disciplines and parts of the world.
MUDEC inspires love for international travel
Bob Eckhart spent his summer at MUDEC hopping from country to country across Europe. This inspired him to travel after graduation and to apply for multiple Fulbright grants to teach abroad.
Where in the World is Miami Wednesday: Peru
Pranshu and his broomball team after winning the championship game.Meet Olivia Snyder, a Junior International Studies major studying Indigenous Peoples and Globalization in Cusco, Peru.
CIMU celebrates Ohio Kung Fu and Tai Chi Day
The Confucius Institute performed at Ohio Kung Fu and Tai Chi Day on Sunday, Oct. 13. Staff, visiting international scholars, and student club members traveled to Dublin, Ohio for the annual festival, of which CIMU is a sponsor.
Doctoral student explores her own identity through research abroad
Serian Jeng, a fourth year Ph.D student in the Department of Educational Leadership, is researching in Norway to better understand how to educate and empower African immigrants.