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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Graduate Student Associations

Student organizations are a pivotal component of the Miami University education and experience. With over 300 on-campus student organizations available ranging from social and service organizations to athletic clubs, opportunities for involvement are endless.

Graduate Student Pride Association (GSPA)

The purpose of the Graduate Student Pride Association is first and foremost to provide a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ and queer graduate and professional students at Miami University. Safe spaces cultivate a community for marginalized groups and are thus vital to LGBTQ+ and queer graduate students. Furthermore, GSPA will represent and give voice to the concerns of LGBTQ+ and queer graduate and professional students at Miami University.

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Graduate Students of Color Association (GSCA)

The Graduate Students of Color Association functions to enhance campus life by providing academic, political, social, and cultural support to all diverse graduate students at Miami University. The GSA endorses quality and equity in education for all students and supports academic excellence, as well as safe, enriching spaces that promote political awareness toward issues that affect graduate students of color.

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International Graduate Student Association (IGSA)

International Graduate Student Association primarily serves international graduate students but is open to all graduate students. The purpose of this group is to provide a community for graduate students who are in the US for their advanced degrees. This group advocates for international students to university leaders and plans social events for international graduate students. For additional information about the International Graduate Student Association, email

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Graduate School’s Cross Cultural Mentoring Program

The Graduate School’s Cross Cultural Mentoring Program uses a combination of one-to-one and group mentoring. Mentoring pairs receive funding to support their activities.

Interested faculty, staff, and students should contact the Graduate School.

  • Create relationships that foster the sharing of diverse life experiences so that mentoring pairs may learn from one another.
  • Assuring that graduate students have a point person, preferably from outside their academic program, that they can go to with questions or concerns.
  • Providing support to graduate students who may experience stress or conflict.
  • Promoting improvement in teaching skills and performance (if applicable).
  • Increasing research skills and productivity (if applicable).

2022 - 2023 Book Discussion Groups

This year the Graduate School, Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, and the Department of English are co-sponsoring discussion groups on diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice issues. 

2022 - 2023 Books:

  • Degrees of Difference: Reflections of Women of Color on Graduate School, Karen J. Leong and Kimberly D. McKee)
  • Dismantling Institutional Whiteness: Emerging Forms of Leadership in Higher Education (Navigating Careers in Higher Education) [M. Cristina Alcalde and Mangala Subramaniam, Editors].

To suggest books for the next book group or for more information please contact Elise Radina.

Funding and Awards

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Aanchtaakia Graduate Fellowship

The Myaamia Center at Miami University seeks Indigenous scholars interested in working within the Myaamia Center’s interdisciplinary research and development environment. Applicants must be interested in the preservation and dissemination of Indigenous language, culture, history, ecological perspectives, or related topics that support the continuance and education of Indigenous epistemologies.


International Grand-in-Aid

A limited number of Grant-in-Aid awards are available to students with excellent academic records who demonstrate financial need. This award is a waiver of 100% of the Non-Resident (out-of-state) surcharge and the Instructional Fee (for both in-state and out-of-state students).

The Graduate School

The Graduate School is committed to advocating and supporting graduate programs dedicated to the pursuit of new knowledge and best teaching practices that promote diverse, globally aware graduate students and faculty.

Graduate Admission

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