Locations and Hours

King Library

Our main location on the first floor of King Library, established in 2007, features an open concept with several tables and meeting areas to write and meet with consultants about your writing. When you arrive you’ll see a welcome desk where you check in for your appointment. You’re welcome to use an open table even if you don’t have an appointment, so please make yourself at home.

B.E.S.T. Library

Our B.E.S.T Center satellite location is located on the main floor of Laws Hall in the B.E.S.T. Library. Established in Spring 2013, this satellite was created for the convenience of students with courses near or study schedules in the B.E.S.T Library. When you enter the B.E.S.T. Library, you’ll see the circulation desk immediately on your right. Our consultation area is to the left in the corner area. Just look for the Howe Writing Center sign and check in with the consultant.

Peabody Hall

Our satellite location in Peabody Hall was established in 2008 and is referred to as the Windate Writing Center in honor of a grant from Helen Windate. This center is located on the lower floor of Peabody in Room 18. Just look for the Writing Center sign and check in with the consultant.


The HWC offers written online appointments for students not currently doing coursework on Miami's Oxford campus. You can upload your assignment to us and receive feedback on it at a time of your choosing. During your scheduled appointment time, a consultant will read and respond to your draft, and you will your receive written feedback soon thereafter.   

Written online consultations are available to all Miami writers for the summer semester. Visit our Written Online Appointments page to make an online appointment. Full instructions for how to schedule an appointment and upload your work are provided there as well.

Note: Written online consultations are not "live"--they involve no real-time interaction (through video, audio, or chat) between a writer and a consultant. Instead, writers upload their work prior to a consultation and consultants spend the scheduled consultation time responding to this work in writing. Writers then receive this written feedback over email.

Spring 2020 Hours

Written Online Hours
Sunday: 1:00PM—9:00PM
Monday to Thursday: 10:00AM—9:00PM
Friday: 1:00PM—3:00PM

Summer 2020 Hours

Written Online Hours
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Hours vary.