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Excellence and Expertise

The Writer's Progress 2024: This Is Howe We Do It

On May 10th, the Howe Center for Writing Excellence (HCWE) hosted its annual event "The Writer's Progress," bringing Miami writers together to celebrate, connect, and reflect.

Excellence and Expertise

The Writer's Progress 2024: This Is Howe We Do It

Writers Progress Photo Collage

The Howe Center for Writing Excellence aims to foster a vibrant community of writers at Miami University, emphasizing the importance of writing culture. To celebrate these writers, we organize an annual event called "The Writer’s Progress." Typically scheduled in May, this gathering allows Miami writers to connect and contemplate their writing journeys.

podcast coverThe theme of this years event, “This is Howe We Do It,” celebrated the launch of our new podcast produced and hosted by graduate assistant directors Will Chesher and Rena Perez. The first episode of the show is now available on podcast platforms.

Will and Rena

The Writer's Progress, expertly organized by Will and Rena, took place on May 10th at King Library. The event encouraged writers to embark on personal writing quests, navigating through various stations designed to facilitate learning and reflection on their academic year's writing endeavors. Each station, referred to as "waypoints," offered interactive elements and activities tailored to participants' writing experiences.

Each station offered writers opportunities to socialize, make crafts, and learn more about the various programming offered by both the Howe Writing Center and Howe Writing Across the Curriculum.

Fellow Travelers met each other and built camaraderie, talking to new people and discovering their writing achievements over the last year.

writers making crafts

Participants could Talk to a Graduate Assistant Director to learn how Writing Center consultants are trained and about their ongoing professional development, then Explore the Consultants Room to discover more about our consultants and their work.

Emma and Cam

Creativity was celebrated at the Bards and Crafts Waypoint. Participants could create a haiku about their research, a map of their writing year, or produce an artistic representation of their favorite place to write.

Bards and Crafts Waypoint

Attendees who completed enough quests earned various prizes offered by the HCWE. Those who participated the most earned fun “Write-osaurs” customized and named by HCWE staff.

Prize Collage

The Writer’s Progress will return in Spring 2025 with even more exciting opportunities to learn and reflect on writing and instructional practices.

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