Classified Personal Leave Conversion Schedule

Did you know that one of the benefits of working for Miami as classified staff is an annual conversion of a portion of accrued sick leave hours to personal leave time?

For classified staff (who are employed as of July 1, 2017), we convert part of your accrued sick leave time (using the conversion schedule below) to personal leave hours. You can use these personal leave hours for whatever you would like, making these hours less restrictive than sick leave time.

Deadline for Using Last Year's Converted Personal Leave Hours

For hours that were converted to personal leave last year, you have until June 30, 2017, to use them before they convert back to sick leave hours.

Please note: Personal leave hours are not eligible to be paid as terminal pay in the event of resignation or death. In the case of retirement, any unused personal leave will be added back to the sick leave balance and paid according to those guidelines.

When using personal leave hours and recording it in Kronos, the pay code of the personal leave should be in the pay code column of your time card and the number of hours used recorded in the amount column.

Questions? Contact us at 513-529-3131.

Determining Your Personal Leave Hour Conversion

We determine your personal leave hours each year at the beginning of the payroll period that includes July 1. These converted personal leave hours are available for one year, and then they revert back to sick leave time. You never lose the hours—you just get to use them more freely for a year. The other accrued sick leave hours remain as sick leave.

For example, if you have 310 accrued sick leave hours, when we convert your hours, you will receive 10 personal leave hours (and keep the remaining 300 as sick leave hours). If you do not use those 10 personal leave hours, they will convert back to sick leave hours.

Classified Sick Leave to Personal Leave Conversion Schedule
Accrued Sick Leave Hours Hours Eligible for Conversion to Personal Leave
0-79 0
80-359 10
360-719 14
720-959 18
960-1199 22
1,200+ 26