ComMUnity Connect

ComMUnity Connect, Miami’s volunteer website, was launched in February 2018 to promote, manage, and track volunteer opportunities in our region.

All Miami students, faculty, and staff on Oxford, Hamilton, and Middletown campuses have access to the site with their unique ID and password. You can now sign up directly for volunteer opportunities with local/regional non-profits, communicate with community partners, track volunteer hours, and register for events all in one place.

Get started here:

ComMUnity Connect aims to amplify the community’s voices by providing a platform for non-profits and other civic organizations to promote their needs, events and volunteer opportunities directly to Miami students, faculty and staff.

Use ComMUnity Connect to:

identify volunteer opportunities for yourself
identify potential Service-Learning projects for your course
plan and sign up for an office/departmental team-building project
connect with organizations and identify public challenges aligned with your research agenda
refer students to transformational learning opportunities
find service projects to incorporate within programs or events that your office is responsible for implementing
track your own volunteer hours, and more...

If you or your office/department runs a community engagement initiative which you believe should be housed on ComMUnity Connect, please contact to create an Agency profile on the site.