Support is Key! Tobacco-Free Program Spots Available

Impact Solutions Telephonic Coaching

●     1:1 confidential phone sessions with a certified counselor
●     Eight, 30-minute sessions
●     Schedule at your own convenience at times that fit best with your work schedule
●     Call 800-227-6007 to get started with a coach
●     Must start phone calls by Sept 1 to ensure finishing by Nov 15
ACS Fresh Start Classes

●     In-person sessions with a certified facilitator
●     Four, 60-minutes sessions
●     Classes available on multiple campuses throughout the year at specific days and times
●     Upcoming classes being on Sept 3 at 5:30pm and Sept 5 at 11am
●     Call 513-529-3926 to register or sign up online in your Healthy Miami account

Both available at no cost for all Miami employees, spouses, and dependents (18+) and qualifies for the Tobacco-Free step of the Healthy Miami Premium Discount Program if completed before 11/15/19.

For more details, please visit and click on the Tobacco-Free Certification step or contact your Miami Benefits & Wellness team at 513-529-3926 or